In a world that makes no sense!

A WTF?! Awakening Quick Start Guide.

This book is all about, those moments where reality shifts, the floor moves under your feet, and in a millisecond you remember in every ounce of your being, that you’re so much more, and that the world is far more complex, and that the view you had of your life, of reality, was erm… maybe not quite what you thought it was.

If you’ve an overwhelming feeling that you’ve no idea how to control your life, fit back in, or drive this human that you’re sitting in – then this is the restart manual to help get you moving again!

At 33pages, it’s a 15 minute read.
So register below, grab a brew and enjoy!

Just before you click. In this book you’ll find a good sprinkling of F’ bombs and WTF’s, and I totally understand if that means I’m not for you.

We’re not all here to speak the same language as we uncover more of ourselves, and move through this time of weirdness in our world. But if you’re here because you know that the WTF?! moment is where you are, and you need a powerful guide to walk forward with you, then this wee book, might just make you smile!

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