Channeled : Humanity’s Crisis of Invisibility

It’s time for us all to break free of our invisibility, and stand as the key piece of the universal awakening that we are. Ready?!

Recorded in March 2020, this channeled recording was the catalyst that shook me into owning my own light, and this now underpins all that I do. These are the fundamental messages of my spirit collective The Crew, that were heard here for the first time.

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Recording transcript 

“There is a crisis of invisibility on this planet at this time, in this era of existence. There is a crisis of invisibility. A crisis where Humanity has never felt so connected, yet never ever felt so isolated and so unable to act as if they are the truest versions of themselves, that they have been created to be. There is a crisis of invisibility here. There is in crisis of invisibility in the hearts of so many people. There is a crisis of invisibility where so many human beings are feeling as if the essence of who they are does not exist in any form of reality. Excepting that, in when they feel that there is something inside of them, something inside of you, that wants to be made real. Something inside of you that was installed in you the moment that you were born. Something inside of you that is calling you to be the version of you that is unique and is the only essence of you that you can be; that is here right now to be an integral part of the functioning, of the expansion, of the opening of the awareness of the new existence of life here on Earth right now.
For make no mistake. You. We. Are all here right now as key components of the Awakening of this planet. Key pieces in the Awakening of our own Souls. Key pieces in the unique pattern of life itself.
So many of you, so many of us, have been called to be the ones here and now who are the awakeners, who are the makereadiers, who are the guides and the lighthouses and those who are here to shine. Those who are here to be and live the lives that they were called to be before you set foot on this planet for your very first steps. So many are called to be the readiers, the ones who are here and you must now be and live the pattern and the essence and the vibration of who you agreed to be, before you were made manifest here on this planet. And why is that so it is so because the cosmos the whole universe is undergoing a shift. And there is a word which is the quickening which has been used and has been allowed to become part of language here on this planet right now language here in this time right now, and it is such a useful word. Because that is what we are undertaking here. The world in which we are all living, the world in which you are living, has undergone a quickening, and what does that mean? That means that the vibrational fixed state of creation itself, of structure, of organization at every single level has undergone a shift where those walls, those beliefs those structures are starting to break down. Because they could only exist in the vibrational state of the planet that it was in previous to now. Those structures are no longer capable of holding the belief patterns and the vibrational states of the humans that are being born onto this planet right now. Everything is in a state of flux. Everything is in a state of change. Everything is in this state of quickening. And what does that mean? Well, that means that you must stand as who you truly are. You must listen to the calling that is inside of yourself that is now saying ‘there is more than this’. I am not believing in this anymore’. ‘I am not prepared to live in this anymore’. ‘I am not feeling an alignment with this anymore’. That is the quickening that is you and the essence of you being in the vibrational frequency of the world around you which is also going through a state of ‘this is no longer acceptable’. ‘This is no longer how we can survive in this state, on this planet, in this world’. And so there are a million questions that are created from this new level of vibration. There are a million different states of being that are now being allowed to be thought upon. The questions that are arising are questions that have never had chance to be. Because this new way of being, requires us all to look for new questions.
We can no longer go through life answering the questions that have already been. Because answering the questions that have already been are simply holding as in the state of structure of what has already been.
The world is quickening. The children on this planet are quickening. The vibrational state of life itself is quickening and from that new state of being that new understanding that new way of seeing this world. We must listen to the new questions and stop trying to find answers to the solidity of what life has been, and move fully into a state of New thinking, New understanding, New awareness. And from that new awareness, there are new questions. There are questions that only the children of this new generation are starting to ask. They are coming into this existence with an understanding of the new vibration already instilled and then they are saying ‘why, why was this not changed?’ ‘Why was this not questioned?’ ‘Why was this not understood,that we are not meant to fit into these solid structures. We are not meant to fit into a world of control. We are not meant to be in that state in that being, in that way of living’. And so we have a contrast on this planet now, of those who are living in the old way of being, living in the old solidity. And the new wave that is arriving with such quickness, such a way of wanting to be different every single day, wanting to ask questions every single day. This is the wave that is arriving which is no longer in a state of ‘do it as it has been done’ because the world is no longer in a vibrational state where we can do it in the state that it has already been done, because look at what this structured, solid, controlled, vibration of life has created so far.

The answers will be coming from the new quickened vibration. The answers will be coming from the new vibrational state of those questions. The answers will be coming in the ‘this is no longer acceptable to me’. ‘This is no longer what I want to see in my world’, and making that change immediately. That is where the new answers are coming from that is the new quickening.

And the quickening is bringing about an awareness of the invisibility of humans on this planet. The invisibility of Who You Are. For you have lived a life up until now which has provided, layer upon layer, upon layer, upon layer, of who you believe yourself to be. And now we call, the universe calls, the vibration of life itself calls for you to be who you were born to be. That essence of life itself. That is within you now, that is saying yes. I am here. Yes, I am ready for something new. Yes. I am no longer able to stay unheard, unlistened to, unfulfilled. And so we are asking for you to listen to that energy. Listen to the, what you are no longer able to say no to. What essences of you are calling from within you to be made real. And that is our guidance to you at this point. Is to overcome the invisibility of who you are. And there will be questions from your mind, from your thoughts of ‘yes but how can I be when I am within, when I’m within this structure, when I within this restriction, when I am within these beliefs, when I am within these families when I am within these organizations’.
And we say to you to do not reach out into the questions of ‘how I cannot be’ and stay in the simplicity of the ‘how I can’.

And in every single breath of you. There is an energy that you can be you. You can step forward as the essence of who you are. You can start to live the energy and the truth of you. You can start being and living the energy of who you were born to be. You can start with every single breath.

And we shall be guiding through you, through this channel, through these messages, the essence of how to be and live more as who you are meant to be, who you are born to be.

Because you were born to be this uniqueness of you. And that uniqueness of you is calling you now to make it real. To make it live, to allow it to be, and that can happen in every single breath.”

Recorded 02-march-2020
I’d love to hear your thoughts, and what questions this has opened up for you.

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