30 minutes : Channeled audio recording from The Crew

The Expansion of You

Ready to Explore? This channeled recording, is a journey into an expanded way of thinking. Shaking away perceptions and ideas of structured reality.

In this recording we're taken into a space beyond the linear manifest life we're all playing in now, and showing us how EVERYTHING we're experiencing here, unfolding in here, aware of here, and thinking of here (conscious and subconscious) - is actually part of the manifestation.

A journey into an expanded way of thinking and BEing in life, from Cat Knott & The Crew

In this 30 minute recording The Crew remind us that we are living in a manifest world, a world that has been created through the belief, creation and manifestation of the collective of humanity. And we are taken on a journey to expand perspectives, and expand the edges of our thinking - allowing us to let go of a little of the tightness of our belief systems.

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Recording AUDIO - Channeled from The Crew © 18-8-20

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"We wish to provide to you an expansion of possibility. An expansion in thinking. An expansion in your understanding of what is not yet this.

There are many of you who have a belief in existence, one that is a linear progression. One that is you as a Soul undertaking multiple lives in a progression forward towards an understanding that you are learning more and allowing your soul to grow in each incarnation of you. And that is indeed a possibility. If that is the belief that your personal experience of life in this moment is believing - then that is your truth. And that is how you are creating the future of your expansion here in this existence of life.

And so when we talk of the truth of manifestation, when we talk of the creation of all that is, all that is here now. All that is in this world. What we are talking about is a manifest world, a world that has been created through the belief, through the creation and manifestation of the collective of humanity. But you also, as an individual, you are creating your own version of reality, not simply through your own perspective, but through the actual physical creation of your existence.

Again, we are taking you on a journey to expand your perspective. Expanding the edges of your thinking, allowing you to perceive further, allowing you to let go of a little of the tightness of your belief systems.

Imagine if you will, that you are a being who is outside of this entire creation of physical reality. Outside of all of this. Imagine that if you were that, imagine if you were, for example, lets us use the solar system as an example, simply as a visualization. What most people believe, what most of humanity believes, is that you are an individual who is born on this earth, lives a life, and then either dies and all is gone, or you then reincarnate into another aspect of you. And the progression continues in that singular linear progression of one aspect of existence. And in this realm of belief, this realm - only in this belief of manifested life on earth - does the aspect of karma exist. In this belief that you are a singular soul, who is undertaking a progression along a singular linear version of existence.

And that is a manifestation created - through the aspects of how this universe creates itself through belief and collective understanding; then creating solidity. And if you are in alignment and in vibrational aspect with that same belief, then that is as far as your thinking will take you, in this journey of life.

Is that the truth of you?

What if you could step out of that belief for a moment and step backwards out of the entirety of this cosmos, the entirety of all that you understand, the entirety of existence as you know it. Imagine if there is a form of existence that is outside of everything that you know, and are aware of. That then would mean that everything that you are here, living this manifest form within, is a creation of this manifest space. And that means that we are speaking of your conscious thinking, your conscious awareness, your conscious manifestation, and also your unconscious manifestation, your unconscious space here is also in alignment with the manifested world that you have chosen to be a part of in this moment.

But imagine with us for a moment that you are a being that is outside of all of this entirety of existence, as you are aware of it.

Imagine every single part of this existence is simply a place to visit. A place to explore, a place to journey into.

That would mean that every single level of comprehension of this universe and of the way it works, would be created within the manifest world in which you are in. And that then would mean that every single description of you as a higher being, would also be created from within this manifest understanding of life and existence.

That then would mean that all of the realms that you are aware of, all of the dimensional spaces that you are aware of, all of the energies that you are aware of, all of the physical creations of humanity that you are aware of. All that exists within this universe, within these planets, within the entirety of the cosmos, the big bang itself, all of this as an entirety of a manifested field, in which you as a being or able to step into to explore.

That then would mean that you, as a being of light, are able to experience versions of you in this realm, in this cosmos, in this expanded aspect of manifest world of solidity in so many different forms. In structures, in so many different forms, in manifest life in so many different forms, and aspects of creation. In a myriad of different ways that you have not yet even had a glimmer of inclination that exist. All of these or open in this realm of creational space, for you as a being of light to explore within.

And that would then mean that everything that you know, is created from within this moment, that you have chosen to be a part of this manifest realm.

And so you have chosen to be embodied in a moment of human existence on this planet in this time, to undergo a journey, knowing of the circumstances that you were being born into. Knowing that this was a time that you are choosing to be here to experience and witness yourself in being, in this moment of creation.

And so therefore you are living on a planet now in this moment and in this time, where there is a manifest belief in a singular progression of soul, in a learning progression of soul. Karma, if you will - it is called many different terms.

But we wish for you to expand beyond that thinking, into this version of you, this being of light, this essence of the drop of all of you, all of every thing that is not this. Allowing yourself to experience an experience of life within this manifest world, universe, existence, in this moment as a choice. To experience yourself in being, in here, in this time. And knowing that you have a light that you can bring to this world, in this time in this being.

And therefore you are using this as an opportunity to explore and to witness yourself in being in the circumstances in which you are in. In this time and place in this planet right here, right now in this minute piece of this manifested cosmos with intricate multitudes of existences - you have chosen this one version here, where you are listening to this recording, which is one spark of you witnessing itself in being here right now in this moment.

Imagine now a little further. Allowing yourselves to expand the possibility of possibility a little further.

If you are outside of this cosmos of created space, how many other versions of you, are you existing within, all in this one moment? If you are outside of all that is, and you are witnessing yourself in being, there is the possibility that you have allowed a myriad of sparks of you, to experience life in a myriad of different experiences and manifest worlds. Manifest dimensions. Manifest versions of energy. Manifest times. All in this one moment. All as infinite sparks of you.

And that is all within this one realm of manifest existence, in this cosmos, here now. For there are a myriad of different levels of existence that you can explore within, simply within this one realm, of this cosmos, this playground of life. All of you existing all in the same moment. All experiencing different aspects of life, different vibrational frequencies, different ways of being - all witnessing yourself in being.

And so from this perspective, the singular manifest thought pattern that is based around the identity of your soul, being this one version of you, which is moving forward in a slow progression of existences of life here on this planet in this time in this space - is limited - is limiting.

This idea of a progression of learning, a grind forwards, where you are constantly living a life and learning a lesson, and taking those lessons forward as something that you carry as a weight in your next life that you must learn from. This is part of this experience of life that you have chosen to be a part of. It is a thought form. It is a thought belief. It is a programming pattern. But that does not make it not real, for if you choose to believe that, then it is real. Just as those who choose that their next path of being will be to move beyond the human space, into the ‘afterlife’, that will be their next version of progression of this life, because that is what you are choosing as the witness or of you being. And those who wish to experience themselves as their next incarnation, as immediacy reborn into this world, that is what you will choose as your next incarnation as your next version of life.

And there are those souls who can understand that this life is a mere glimmer of experience of life itself, where you are - from a distance of you - experiencing yourself in being this life. And so from that space, you get to explore. You get to explore, not just this one, manifest life of birth to death, as a moment of miracle, as a moment of realization and experiencing yourself in being - but you also get to step into a million million, million versions of yourself as different sparks of this one realm of manifest existence, this cosmos of existence, which if you could imagine yourself being a distance from, and seeing it as if you are looking at it from the moon as if the world is in front of you, but you are not seeing the globe of the world, you are seeing the globe of the manifested cosmos.

And outside of that, is all of the ‘not thisness’. And you would see how the cosmos itself is constantly moving is constantly remaking itself is constantly in a shift and change and is constantly in every time, in this one moment.

This is a enormous conversation, but we are allowing you a moment to reconfigure the expansiveness of your thinking. Asking you to question the limiting belief that you have of you as an experiencer of this life. You as the spark of the divine, means that you are outside of this one singular experience of existence. This one experience of birth to life.

This is one choice of a witnessing yourself in being. Witnessing your light, being brought into this time and this space and this experience of humanity. Allowing yourself to fully explore what you can bring as a light into this experience of this planet in this time. To be a part of this global change on this planet, right here in this moment in time.

But there are a million versions also of you experiencing different existences; experiencing different times, experiencing different aspects of you, witnessing yourself in being. All in this one, beautiful divine moment.

And so if any of you feel a weight of the unfolding of this one existence of life, that you must do certain things so that you do not take them forward into your next experience. We say to you to let go of the weight of that responsibility. In this life, this soul, this spark of the divinity, this essence of all that is not this - this spark of you is witnessing itself in being here now. Exploring this life, imagining the possibility of all that it can be, in this one time, in this one space. Knowing that there will be another; another witnessing itself in being, another try, another experiment, another version that you will come out of this birth to death experience and instantly feel free of it.

And then if you choose, you will either come back into another manifestation in this world, in this planet, in this timeline. Or you will go into another experience where you will witness yourself being in another aspect of existence, with other rules, with other ways of being. Experiencing yourself in different dimensional versions of you.

This idea of progression - this idea of everything being in a linear format - is one which ties down lives here in this moment. Ties down to the weight of responsibility. Imagine yourself now accepting the fact that you are that free, to explore and witness yourself, explore and witness yourself in the truest version that you can bring your light to this version of your life right here, right now. Without the weight and responsibility of what comes next. Or believing that you must fix what you have brought with you.

You have been born into an experience of life, and all that you understand of it is part of that manifest version of reality. And so you have been born into this version of reality, with an understanding of all the different aspects of energy that you understand now. And that means all of the learning that you have learned, and wakening to the fact that all of that is part of this manifest version of reality only. You are also you, witnessing yourself in being, from a higher dimension, which can understand the density in which the reality in which you sit now, is holding you.

And in the density of this reality where you are witnessing yourself in being, in this time and place where humanity is expanding in its own vibrational frequency, through a dimensional shift. You have been required to experience your life here on this planet, with the understanding of all that comes with it. And that density also means all of the beliefs that you have around what creation is. The entirety of your understanding is born of this version of reality in which you are witnessing yourself in being.

And this we know will be a challenge for those of you who have not explored beyond these realms yet.

And that is why we wish to bring this to you now. We wish you to feel so much more freedom in your life and your existence now. Release yourself from the weight that you find yourself in and believing that there must be a progression of this soul. That belief is part of the manifest world, part of the manifest you, that you have chosen to experience in this moment. But the divinity in you, the spark of all that is not this, knows the truth and the freedom and the light that you are, and is witnessing itself being, is experiencing itself being, and allowing itself to feel the truth of knowing that you can shine your light and create from that space of the truest light of who you are in this moment.

Imagine the freedom in that. Imagine the possibility in all of that. Let yourself explore the possibility of the possibility, let yourself explore and feel into the divinity of you and the truth of the expansiveness of who you are, the spark of you that is beyond this cosmos, beyond this realm of reality.

And then when you return to this physical vehicle, in which you sit, and allow yourself and your brain and your thinking to then delve back into the work that you do. To then delve back in with that new understanding into the relationships of the myriad of different dimensions and different aspects of you that can all be existing in this one moment - and feel the depth of that. Feel the excitement in that. Feel all that that will allow you to achieve. And to point yourself towards freedom in that to truly experience all there is, and discover all there is, and enjoy all there is, in this experience of life. As you witness yourself in being, as you witness yourself in experiencing. This is the joy of this knowing, this expansion of you.

Allow yourself to be filled with the possibility. Allow yourself to be filled with the expansion and the knowing of all that is beyond the manifest world, manifest universe, manifest cosmos. Go beyond the limits of everything that you know, and everything that you wish to explore in your thinking mind and know that there is so much more. And know that you are a spark that is beyond all of this.

And then come back into this one manifest life, birth to death that you are experiencing now and feel joy of it. Feel the solidity of it, feel the understanding that every version of this, every aspect of understanding that you have, is tied into this manifest world. Is tied into this manifest spark of life that you have chosen to witness yourself in being.

And then allow yourself to laugh and smile, and understand the joy of every single second, every single experience, every single breath of this one life, that you are in now.


The Crew : The Expansion of You © 18-8-20



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