13 minutes : Channeled audio recording from The Crew

The Power of Being a Pivot Point

Are you a Soul-led or Heart-led, coach, creator or guide, and struggle to find your place in the world of packaged outcomes, and defined pathways?

This is your essential listening, and reminder of the Power of who you are, as a light and a pivot point in this world.

So many of us here, in this time, are taking our positions as leaders and guides to allow in the NEW, and break down old patterns. And that brings with it, unique challenges in our own work as we constantly have to re-adjust our own GPS away from the old models and paradigms.

In this 13 minute recording The Crew remind us of the power of allowing ourselves to be a Pivot Point, and a light of change, in a world that is begging us to remain in the repetitions of what HAS been, as a provider of already trod pathways, and proven outcomes. 

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Recording AUDIO - Channeled from The Crew © 23-2-21

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"We wish to share with you a message this day regarding the power of being a pivot point in this world.

So many light bringers here are finding themselves in a position where they are questioning their validation of experience of the work in which they do.

We are living in a world now where those who are the bringers of a solution, are seen as the marketable ones, the ones who can create an outcome. They are the ones who are validated in their being here.

When you can prove the outcome, when you can prove the direction, when you can prove that ‘I will join you on this journey from this position to your succeeded position, where you wish to be’. Healers, writers, all are bringing forward these finished solutions. The endings. The ‘I will provide you with a promise of’, ‘I will give you an outcome of’.

All creations in this space have to have a beginning and an end, have to have a completion, have to have a structure. This is understood. For human beings, require a progression. Require a understanding of what will be. This is where the trust in a process occurs. Trust in a healer occurs. Trust in a journey occurs. Trust in the ability to endeavor into a creation.

And yet, and yet, and yet, what we are seeing is a limitation to provide only those things that occur within a simplistic structure, within a contained environment, within a small step.

These tangible creations, these tangible bite sizes of information that will soothe, that will take a small step toward. These things are useful, yes, for the human that you are working for, to find a way to move themselves forward.

But there is a missing expansion here - in your awareness, of the power of being a simple pivot. Of not being one who provides a continued outcome, but one who provides a single moment of change. A single conversation that may open a door. A single conversation that may allow someone to let into their world a myriad of potentials.

This as the light bringer here, is what your light does. It allows within every single person that you meet, you come into interaction with, you are engaged with in a working environment, in a professional environment, in a family environment, in a friendship environment, in a community environment - all of these are ways that you are bringing your light into effect of another human being.

And in that moment, the light that is radiating from you, shifts the resonance, radiance, and light of another, without their acknowledgement, without their ability to even interact with this. You are a light bringer here, which means that you are also a catalyst here. You are one who is changing directions of others, simply by being you, in this world.

And we find the hesitation to allow yourself to be in the world, in your fullest extent is dimmed because of this belief that you must be creating packaged journeys, creating packaged outcomes, creating moments of specific change, that is only singular and only linear, and only within the structure of the person that you are speaking to’s ability to understand what their next step will be.

We understand that it is necessary to create a life here in this world. In this realm where you are financing, you are allowing abundance to find its way to you. You are creating a flow of energetic frequency to you that allows abundance to facilitate this life, in which you live.

And yet, and yet, and yet - know your power as a pivot point in every single aspect, of every single experience, of every single interaction, that you are in in this world. Every single moment, you are bringing your radiance and light, and that has no other option, but to affect the light of those around you. Igniting, changing, being the catalyst for their own change. Allowing a resonance to be seen.

This is the power of the pivot point, of you being here as one who is unafraid to be the power of the light of you. To bring forward that which wishes to be made from within you without holding back, because it makes no sense, because it does not fit into a pre-programmed, pre-scheduled, pre understood outcome.

The power of the pivot, the power of the point of change - literally the point of change, that is your capability here. That is what you are capable of being for others. Simply by owning and experiencing the light of you. And allowing that to be a catalyst in this world.

Allowing that to make change, allowing that to be a fire within this world. Allow that to be made real. Allow that to find change. Allow that to be enough.

And the turmoil that we witness in the light of so many of you, struggling to identify the packages and the structure, and the labeling, and the what must I be doing… instead of simply being. Instead of allowing, instead of adventuring, instead of igniting the light within you in any way that you allow light to find its way to you.

The holding back of you will never be enough. Will never create the fulfillment that you seek.

Will never create the purpose that you seek, will never create the outcome that you seek. For every time you struggle to place yourself within a structure of ‘this is my presence’. Immediately at that moment, your presence has already shifted. For you are constantly changing, constantly shifting, constantly becoming something new. As are all of those around you. As are all of those beings around you, who are going through their own evolutionary process, their own awakening process, their own becoming process.

And so here in this time, the acknowledgement of your power as a pivot point, as a singular moment of change, allows you to be in this world with so much more freedom. The catalyst. The spark. The light. That is the simplicity.

And then understanding that everything that comes through from that space of light and resonance and radiance of you, that feels as though it will bring an essence of change into this world, matters not what function. Matters not which framework, matters not which language, you create it through.

That is the experience of life that is being called into this world in this moment now, through the frequency of you.

Allow that freedom to be within you. Allow that to be a part of your work here. Allow that to be how you find your freedom to expand here. In this working, of knowing that the catalyst of you is where the infinite change occurs.

And yes, allow yourself to create foundational spaces that will bring you support. That will bring you financial security, if this allows you to feel freer. But do not allow yourself to believe for one second, that those structures are who you are.

They are simply creations of solidity that allow you to feel more free to play in the expanded state of being a light and a pivot point here.

And this is our message for this day.

Allow yourself to be that moment of change. For that is the magic of the light of the infinitely changing and expanding expanse and radiance of you, that in each singular moment is creating a different level of expansion of catalytic capabilities in this world, for all of those, with whom you interact.

The Crew : The power of being a Pivot Point © 23-2-21



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