9 minute : Channeled audio recording from The Crew

What Use is my Voice?

Do you know that you're here to be and bring peace, but don't understand how your voice can ever be heard over all of the noise of the current world?

In this recording The Crew ask all the questions you're thinking of when you ask yourself, What Use Is My Voice? - and then answers you directly to your powerful Soul of calm and peace.

We are reminded that you do not need to fight against the noise to be heard; you simply need to bring your voice forward.

In this world of overwhelm, where so many feel drowned out and exhausted by all the noise... every individual's voice holds immense power, regardless of its volume.

A 9 minute recording, from Cat Knott & The Crew.

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Recording AUDIO - Channeled from The Crew © 7-7-21

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What use is my voice? You ask of yourself.
What use is my voice? Humanity asks itself.

What use is my voice in this time, where so many are speaking and demanding of my attention. Demanding the attention of the world. Demanding the attention of their own agendas. Demanding the attention of those around them. Demanding the attention of those who I may be here to serve.

What use is my voice in this overwhelming noise of life?
What use is my voice when I feel so small and so insignificant in my presence?

What use is my voice where I feel so struggling to be heard?

What use is my voice in this world where so many others are here, giving theirs in so much more succinct and effective and powerful ways?

What use is my voice when all around me, all I hear is the noise of others? Drowning out my own senses. Drowning out my own being. Drowning out not just me, but all, all of us overwhelmed with the noise of the voices of others.

What use is my voice in this time, when so many are speaking, and I wish to bring silence to this world. I wish to bring peace to this world. I wish to bring quiet and calm to this world.

What use is my voice in bringing that silence in this world that is so aloud, so full, so cacophonied of noise?

What use is my voice, my quiet voice? My still voice? What use is my voice in all of this?


Your voice, your voice is as loud as a thousand sounds of thunder.

Your voice, no matter how quiet you are, or how quiet you feel, brings with it a resonance that changes this world.

Your voice is powerful in its calm. Your voice is powerful in its silence, in its space between the words.

Your voice is needed in this world so dearly. Your resonance as a bringer of calm, as a bringer of silence, as a bringer of that which you wish to see more of, is powerful and is needed.

What use is your voice? You ask of yourself. You are the antithesis of all the noise that you believe you must fight against, you must put yourself up against, you must be overheard through all of that. But this is not the truth.

Your voice is a resonance of calm and silence. Your voice is one who brings a different energy frequency. Your voice is needed in its power that brings this noise of powerful silence, powerful calm.

You do not need to fight against the noise to be heard. You simply need to bring your voice forward.

Allow yourself to be heard by yourself, first of all. Allow yourself to be in your own truth. Allow yourself to find your own way of being. And in the power of the light that you create from the resonance of the power of that truth, you shine into this world.

In this world of distraction and noise, what is most required is a powerful voice of calm. Is your powerful voice of calm.

What is the need of your voice? You are here to be the unique resonance of you that only you can be in this time, in this presence. You have been brought to this moment to be asking yourself this question.

You have been brought here because you are needed, as you have never been needed before. For there are thousands who await your presence.
There are thousands who await your voice.

There were thousands who await your energy frequency, of calm, of silence, of bringing forward a new way that shines and resonates above the noise.

Your energy is powerful as a roll of Thunder. The frequency of the energy, is what you bring.

So what use is your voice? Your voice is needed more than ever. Your voice is more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

And all of you who listen to these words know that if you are here to bring a message of the space between the noise, then you are here in the perfect moment.

For the undoing, the unweaving, the unravelling, the loosening of all that is in its solidity now, is bringing with it a noise that is overwhelming so many.

So many humans here now are being allowed to feel this world as never before. Their own senses expanding, their own intuitive feeling of all that is around them, is bringing a new way of feeling discomfort in all of the noise that they never even used to register.

And so what use is your voice as a bringer of calm between the noise?..
You are powerfully needed here.


The Crew : What Use is My Voice © 7-7-21



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