Come together in the beautiful surroundings of Central France, to spend time
Connecting to Connection. 

An English Speaking event of Women, Wine (non alcoholic of course), and Spirit Energy

Intuition, source, energy & You!

What does it mean to be connected to the energy of the Universe? 

How does it feel to know that you have a hotline to intuitive connection? 

What do Manifestation, Spirit Connection, Soul Knowings really mean?

And how can you start to tune into the world with a deeper sense of connection to all of these? 


In this event we will come together to explore what Living a Connected Life feels like in this current world.  With an afternoon of energy connections, Soul level experiments and lots of the only sort of laughs you can get when a gathering of women come together. 

We’ll end the day with stories and around a campfire of real connections, from the real women present - and create powerful intentions for our days, weeks, and months ahead. 

On the Day...

Arrive 1pm: as we start with some chilled Alcohol free bubbles, and Nibbles (because who doesn't love that?)

Energy Building Explorations and Exercises - working with spirit / source / energy

Break at 4pm: Cakes / Sandwiches - move to campfire

Approx 4.30 - 6pm : Campfire connections - building a circle, inviting in connection, and setting intention

Our Venue : Is the beautiful Event Meadow at La Prairie Étoilée.

Camping is also available...

If you'd like to extend your day, booking overnight at our venue is on offer.

Reserve one of the gorgeous Glamping tents and stay the night in sumptuous comfort. Subject to availability. (Note : single night bookings have been made available to us JUST for this special event.)

All bookings must be made separately and in advance directly with the venue. 

Saturday 27th July - 1pm to 6pm

Cost including refreshments : €68 per person

Location : La Prairie Étoilée Glamping.
Le Rimbert, 1 Rue Des Coquelicots, 36140 Crozon-sur-Vauvre.

About me

Hi there, I'm Cat Knott, Energy Channeler to the collective consciousness of The Crew, Spiritual Explorer, Evolution Guide, Writer and Never Ending Ponderer.

I’m a channel in a very real world, bit sweary; know this is weird, eyes open, and powerful way. And I consciously choose to live my life in the flow of deep connection, every day. All while being a perfectly imperfect human, business owner and dog mum.

We are ALL, yes even the most skeptical of us, connected to more than this experience of life, and able to access, listen to, and draw into us so much more than we are in this breath, if we can just get out of the way.

My work as a guide at is to help YOU feel the full permission from the Universe, to live life fully in all its it's messed up, mixed up AND infinite, magical extraordinaryness - that you already have!

You can find me at or on Facebook
Siret : 50426383100027 - verification available on request


Places are limited : Please Register Now. 


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