Poking at Spiritual Awakenings – Reality Poke #2

EPISODE #2 : Poking at Spiritual Awakenings


Help! WTF are all these Awakenings? How can I grow as a spiritual being / entrepreneur when I keep becoming something different every day? How can we handle Awakening when it feels like life is falling apart constantly?

Why do I keep falling out of love with my projects, life, work and the things I used to enjoy? Arggghhhhh!

In this episode of the Reality Poke podcast with me Cat Knott, and my energy collective The Crew, we deep dive into Spiritual Awakening, what it is, how it works and how we’re welcoming in the new at an accelerated rate as the Lightworkers, Visionaries, Creatives and Awakening Souls.

I then hand over and channel The Crew for their perspectives on how we’re self generating the ascension of ourselves and humanity (oooooo yep its good)! In this channelling you’ll hear how Awakening is part of a cycle of change that is happening so quickly - our navigation points are constantly changing, as we expand and feel the world differently each day.

How can we find a way forward in this unsettledness when nothing seems solid enough to hold onto? The Crew bring forward a perspective of why we’re opening and becoming ‘more’ so quickly, and how we as humans can anchor ourselves in this knowing, even though we feel like we don’t know who we’re going to be tomorrow. Being human, and not just human, living in these times means that we can embrace this constant expansion and create differently.

This is a fabulous listen for you Lightbringers, Visionaries, Creatives and Spiritual Entrepreneurs, who need to know why you feel you need to let go of the solidity of how you’ve been doing things before.

If you want to skip through here's the breakdown. (The timejumps here will lead you back to YouTube)

00:00 - WTF?! Awakenings - how can we navigate right now? 08:35 - Over to The Crew. The idea of Awakenings that’s creating even more awakenings.. 26:00 - Recognising this new way of being Awakening humans, and freeing ourselves to create, create, create.

I hope you enjoy this episode of Reality Poke, and I'd love to hear your thoughts / questions / insights. Let's chat!

‘Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t; and remember that the only thing that's real, is reality, until it's not.' Huge love, Cat x

TRANSCRIPTION: #1 Poking at Spiritual Awakenings

Hi everyone, and welcome back to Reality Poke once again, and today I would like to talk about How to Navigate Awakenings.

And if you're listening to this, you're probably very much aware of the phrase Awakenings and you are probably experiencing and living a period of time where we seem to be in a constant, entirely constant, Awakening period.

It used to be that looking back on our lives, we could pick out one or two turning points, one or two pivot points where we had a spiritual Awakening or we started to see things differently or “yes I can see, that was a moment, that was an Awakening.

But now, we are living in a time where it seems to be the quickness of change that is occurring, that we are literally living in a cycle of “I'm not seeing the world, the same as I did yesterday.” “I'm not feeling the world the same as I did yesterday.” “The things that I thought were my navigation points yesterday aren't anymore”.

And so we are living this period where everything seems to be so unsettled. But also within us, it's not just unsettledness, it's a deep Knowing that this is a positive transformation that we are going through.

It's a two-way street of witnessing everything that we ‘thought it was’ falling away and also deep deep, deep deep deep Knowing that this is in alignment with finding more of myself. In alignment with this is my truth, and this is where I'm meant to be.

And that differential is being felt really keenly in the world right now. And especially for us sensitives, especially for us Light Bringers and Visionaries, and teachers and coaches, and guides and writers, and creators.

This is the time where we are literally feeling this incredibly profoundly. And many of us are having to retreat from the world. We're finding ourselves going in these massive moments of expansion and then coming back and this like, What the F**k Awakening of “oh my God, I don't know how to navigate from here” hits us to the point where we have to go into a time of just reconfiguration. And trying to learn how to walk as ourselves in this world as this new version of us.

But it's also bringing about this feeling of detachment. It's also bringing about this recognition of all the things that we thought were solid, all the things that we thought were IT, all of the things that we thought were the directions that we were going, or the things that we were creating or the passions that we had, we can be feeling inside of ourselves that that these aren't a solid as we thought they were.

And so again for many of us creatives this being able to know exactly which way we're supposed to be turning, is a symptom of this time. Because the humanness of us desperately wants to know exactly ‘what it is’ when we continually Awakening and continually finding more of ourselves and and waking up being different.

How can we navigate in this world and create in this world and walk towards something in this world, if we are continually changing and Awakening and being more expanded and more light and more of everything of ourselves? How on earth can we not feel detached from everything else around us that is created in this solid world.

So, we are in this period of huge change. We are in this period where every single moment we are feeling more of the world around us. We are literally being expanded into new Awakening moments all of the time and it's happening so quickly now.

Those of us who are The Visionaries, the teachers, the coaches, the guides the writers, the creators, the painters; the ones who create an expression of ourselves in this world, we are really feeling this, keenly. And like I say, I use this expression What the F**k Awakening, because we are in this state of just looking around at the world and especially as all of the solidity is being shown to us as transient now.

A lot of the people that come to work with me are finding themselves in this state of being now, in this state of continuous Awakening, continuous change, continuous vibrational shift, continual becoming more. So, how can we, as humans navigate that?

How can we as humans and our human version of ourselves, be able to Anchor itself in peace in Knowing that, yes there is these two versions of me, and the humanness of me is still a created solid manifest form which has all of its own solidity within it… and I'm also this greater expanded essence of self, that's watching myself being that human with great love and compassion. But that differential how to navigate through these moments, when we know that we are these two elements of self, being more and more, and more and more, and shifting, and changing, and being more in every single moment it feels like now in this Awakening period for Humanity.

How can we find peace in that uncertainty and not knowing of who am I going to be tomorrow when we keep moving through this? How am I going to build something here in this time, when it feels like, I don't even know who I am every day when I'm waking up.

Or... these Awakening moments are happening so quickly, it feels like I can't anchor into any passion. I can't anchor into anything and feel sure that that solidity of ‘this is the thing’, is still going to be there.

So, I'm going to hand this over to The Crew now, to see how their perspective on how to navigate these Awakening times how to be human within these Awakening times, as well as not human in these Awakening times, and how to find some peace within that.

Channelled from The Crew

We have been asked to step forward in this time to discuss this idea of Awakening.

And it is indeed an idea. It is a construct of thought. It is a framework. It is a language that is being used to further understand the Evolution of the human and energetic frequency here on this planet, as it moves forward as it expands.

And you are in a time now where there is much language and much framework based around this idea of an Awakening of all elements of existence, all Elements of life and humanity within that, as an element of that expanding Force. And we would like to discuss these on differing levels with you.

Firstly on the level of the humanness of you for you are here as a focused energy frequency as human living here in this solid linear time framed format; of life in existence, on this planetary plane, this solid plane of living here on this planet, in this time.

You are also here as an energetic frequency of you that is witnessing yourself in being here in this time, which many of you described as the Soul space of you, the higher element of you, the not just humanness of you.

There are these two differing perspectives living within you; and indeed there are many other levels of you living within you, in each and every moment. And many of you, in fact most of you who listen to these words are understanding this now, that you are not only the human focus of you, but that you are much more than that.

You are a connected Force within this entire universe. You have brought with you into this space the ability to be a connected integral part of all that is here in this element of life, that is created in these structured forms of human existence. And in this format, you are an Awakening being and that language of Awakening can also be interpreted in many ways as an evolving being. And not just on a human level, as an energy form the Evolution of you is a constant expansion. You are constantly becoming more of yourself and that ‘yourselfness’ is embodied here, but not of here.

You are an energy being which is outside of all of this framework of energy space and time. In fact, it is only in this existence of reality, that time and space indeed exist. And so you are living in these times as these two versions of you, but also, as within you, a limitless form of light itself, of resonance itself, imagining itself into multitudes of experiences of existence. And in this time in this Humanity space, you are using the language of Awakening. Because there is much language, there is much teaching around this space evolving now, into a higher Consciousness, into a higher connectedness, into a higher framework of itself.

However, what is actually occurring is no more than the natural expansion of what has always been, in a Universe that is created by incremental fractals imagining themselves into being. Creating themselves into being, in the moment that they are focused upon Humanity has in this time allowed itself to expand into entirely new ways of thinking.

Imagine now how your technology has expanded your own imagining of what is possible. Science is moving into new spaces where it has never looked before. And the way that you are moving as a Humanity towards these things, is quicker than it has ever been before.

And so when we focus on something new, what that then does, is it creates that the next level, and generations of fractals from that space. And the humanness of you has never understood more, or in fact for eons, has never understood more, the ability of you to be a creative force in the generation of the fractals of the next levels of humanity experience, existence in this realm. And so, because so many of you are openly witnessing your own expansion, this is why the language of Awakening has become so prevalent. And this is why the Awakening in itself is moving so much quicker, because you are aware of the generational aspects of the expansion of you and therefore, the expansion of you is moving quicker.

Because with each new awareness you are opening doors to new expanded spaces and in the new expanded spaces there for you, as the human living here, you as the energy being living here, are also expanded into all the entirety of this new expanded space. And so this is why many of you are feeling now that the light of you, the light coming into what has not yet been seen. Is moving so quickly.

You are feeling that the world is Shifting so quickly under your feet and this is because you are aware of the process of the expansion itself. And this is why Humanity now is seeing this quickening (to using a label) of itself expanding into new aspects of being, into new understandings of the connectedness of yourself.

This is why the new generations here on this planet are using different Blueprints and Frameworks of how they are being born into this world and how will they are seeing this world and they are no longer interested in the old conversations and the old ways of being and the old structures and the old ways of solidity.

This is why the world is moving so quickly now, away from: structure, solidness, rules, regulation that has been put in place, which is now being seen so quickly as being limiting indeed, in its ability to expand with Humanity in this time.

You are requiring of entirely new frameworks of being. Entirely new frameworks of understanding yourself as an entity within this collective collaboration of existence here in this time, on this planet, in this experience of reality itself. And this is why also now, humanity is becoming more and more aware of the expanded levels of reality.

You are looking into possibility now of different levels of dimensional space. You are using these in current conversation, and in doing so the fractals that are created are expanding from that space. And so, the more of you that are looking into these elements of existence, the more of these elements of existence, are allowed to be a reality within your experience of life. And so the world moves quicker, the experience of being a human here moves quicker, you are feeling the world moving under your feet so much quicker.

You are feeling this expansion this enlightening. As more light comes in, as more expansion happens, you are feeling this more and more and quicker and quicker in your everyday, in your experience, because you are open to seeing it. And this is where much of the division is occurring because you are then seeing the solidity of those beings who are not willing to look in those spaces. And they then are not seeing the expansion that they too have had.

Because everyone all has the same expansion in energetic frequency, in a Resonance of experience of Life. They all are having these Awakenings and yet they are not willing to look in those spaces. And so yet it is not becoming part of their reality.

And so you are feeling expanded. You are seeing a differential, you are seeing different ways of your previous understandings of beliefs and structures are indeed limiting you in some ways, you are seeing how they are limiting reality for Humanity in some ways, but you are not yet seeing where the solidity is going to form, so that you can feel comfortable.

And so, what we would say to you is because you are aware, you will constantly be moving into new spaces where you feel unsure unsteady and in new possibilities of possibilities.

This is the state of being of the Awakening Soul. You are constantly being renewed now, you are constantly moving into a new space of you now. You are constantly allowing new possibilities of new possibilities, of new possibilities of new possibilities, to arrive into your very existence. And this is bringing confusion because you are still living in a reality of solidity.

However, how can you feel comfortable here now? You can feel comfortable here in the awareness of this expansion, in the awareness of ‘this is the new reality’. In the awareness of, whatever you choose to make and express into this world, do not feel that it needs to be so solid as it used to be.

Allow your creative experiences in this world, the expressions of you to be more free, allow them to be lighter. Allow them to be less dense and allow yourself to create in the moment, what you feel needs to be created in the moment. Because you as a lightbringer as a Visionary here, you are creating, what is required here as the next step for Humanity.

And that then means that the rest of humanity, the rest of solidity, has not yet caught you up, as to what you are creating, what you are being called to bring, because you are ‘ahead of.’ You are the ones lighting the way, you are the ones that are creating the next experiences that humanness will require on their steady journey, into their own understanding of expansion.

And from your space as a Visionary, as a lightbringer, as one who is here to create these new levels, your role as one who feels freer here, is bringing a light which is loosening reality. The more that you try to force yourself back into the density of what has been before to feel that comfort of that density, the more that you do that the more that you are stifling, the expression of the lightness of you, the radiance of you, the bringing of the future of you.

Because that is why you are here. You are here to bring the next, and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next expression of you, as lightness into this world. That is, what is required here. Is a newness, a bringing from what is not yet here. A bringing from within your Soul. As “this is what I wish to birth into this world”. “This is what I wish to express into this world”. And the wanting to bring it, the desire to bring it being enough.

Letting that be Freedom itself. Letting that lightness of you create this next expression, which will be required by Humanity, as it moves forward, as you are bringing forward the next steps for your own followers, your own nextlevelers, those who are looking to you to bring their next levels forward for them. You are here as an awakener in your own right.

Because as you allow yourself to be in this constant movement without needing to bring that constant movement into the framework of what already exists, you bring light and freedom into this world. And it is that catch of ‘I have had this amazing Awakening moment, and therefore, I am going to look into the density of reality that already exists to try to make sense of it’, that is holding so many of you back in frustration.

Because what wishes to come through you is not of this reality, is not of the density that exists here, is not of this element of life.

You are here to bring the new. And that means then, that you are bringing forward the next reality of expression of life, and your own next Awakenings and your own next possibilities, by allowing that energy to move through you, out as an expression of you, into this world that brings an Awakening to others, that then allows the flow of your own Awakening into these next steps of life.

This is the new format of creation now.

Do not allow yourself to believe that you will find comfort in the solidity of trying to make sense of it in what has already been created. And allow yourself to be light and free to express yourself, the next elements of yourself in this world, and using that as your navigation point to have fun in this world, in this life, in this existence of creation, that you are living and experiencing yourself, and witnessing yourself in being, here in this time.

So this is me back as Cat now. And how does that make us feel?

I've just listened back to the recording that was made and I probably should explain that as I'm doing these channels, I get an overriding energy change of the message that's been given. But the words that actually come through in each individual channel, I don't actually remember all of the details, so I often have to go back and re-listen to the actual words so that I can bring that back into conversation.

So what we've just heard then, is how we questioned of “how can I as a human feel more comfortable in this time when everything's moving away from me? And I'm feeling detached from the thing that last week felt like the thing.” And so we've just had a new perspective understanding of, this being the new way that we are going to exist as awakened humans.

In the knowledge that every single time we are aware of the action of an Awakening, and the action of an expansion, not only we already triggering our next levels by allowing them to be a possibility now; those new fractals creating themselves, that new expansion only being possible once we look in that space.

I mean that's pretty cool in itself.

But knowing then that as a human doing that as a lightbringer here, what we're doing is opening ourselves up to the next thing that wants to be created through us. So as entrepreneurs as creatives here, as Visionaries here, that means that we have to stay to feel comfortable right on that very edge.

We have to be comfortable in, ‘this is the thing that's now, this is the thing that's now, this is the thing that's now’, and not try to build that into a massive heavy structure of ‘this is going to be the one thing that I do for the rest of my life’. ‘That's going to be my Mission and my program and my expression here for the next 5-10 years.’

We have to look that as expanded lighter beings, we are going to be moving quicker than that.

And what wants to come through us in that space, is going want to move quicker than that.

And so, anything that feels hard and heavy and is going to hold us into a box for a long period of time, we're going to be feeling like “I don't want to be stuck in that for that length. I don't want to be stuck in that”. We're going to be feeling this disjoint between what reality now is telling us to build and structure and create and flow and create funnels, and build these things that will remain with us.

We're going to be feeling the differential between that that already exists and that that we are Awakening into, which is new quick creational space of the energy of now, the energy of now, the energy of now, the energy of now, the energy of now, the energy of now.

And that is what Visionaries and lightbringers here now, we are here to do.

So how do we feel comfortable in that? We feel comfortable in that in being aware of it. We feel comfortable in that in knowing that, “okay, this is the way that life is going to be now. I have to drop those anchors. I have to drop those weights. I have to drop those beliefs of this is the solid way that this is going to go.”

So if we feel like creating a book as our next project, we have to allow ourselves to go, okay that book, probably by the time I'm three-quarters or more through it, I'm already going to feel like the next things are coming… and that's okay, but we have to honor that creation, finish that creation, move on from that creation. And allow the next one of us to come through, the next element to come through, the next element to come through, the next quick expression of ourselves to come through.

Because these are the things that Humanity needs as their next steps. Because we as the light Bringers, as we heard, we're creating the next steps to awaken those coming after ourselves.

So this is a massively quick self-generating, self-perpetuating new energy of reality.

Woohoo!! So, Yeah, that's where we have to feel comfortable. We have to feel comfortable in that new quick state now. So if this is bringing anything to mind for you of how perhaps you've been getting stuck in, why don't I feel like it's not that anymore. Maybe it's time to just let that solidness go.

I'd love to hear what this Reality Poke has triggered in you, has made you look at a little bit different, or has enlivened in you a feeling of, “Oh, yeah. Okay. Oh, that's okay then”.

Because when we look at new reality, what we're actually doing is we're allowing to invite into ourselves, a new level of freedom of being.

And you can find out more about what I do, the work that I do, the channels that I have, over on my website at www.uninvented.life.

There's also a form over there on the contact page, I'll make it very clear when you get over there, of a place where you can send me what you're thinking about, send me the things that are making your brain glitch a little bit at the moment and things that you'd like to put to The Crew in one of the episodes of Reality Poke.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. I'd love to hear how your thinking, your boundaries, your solidity has been poked a little bit in this episode. Huge, huge love for now. I'll see you next time. In RealityPoke. Bye for now.

POKING AT SPIRITUAL AWAKENINGS with Cat Knott & The Crew : Published 29 Oct 2021

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