Poking at Teaching and Living Out Loud – Reality Poke #3

EPISODE #3 : Poking at Teaching and Living Out Loud


After the energy expansions and spiritual awakenings, each of us is being called to live, breathe, Be and teach the NEW version ourselves OUT LOUD.

Especially if you are here as a Lightbringer, healer, teacher, coach, and soul-led spiritual entrepreneur this podcast episode includes a channelled message from The Crew, and concentrates on how we can allow ourselves to be the fullness of ourselves, even before we are ready, and how we’re being encouraged to not wait - but to TEACH this world OUT LOUD, of what it means to be an awakening Soul here in this world right now.

There are so many people in this world that need us to be the guides to lead the way. It's our job now to be the wayshowers, and walk the journey of the new awareness, of this new quickened energy of life, expansion, ideas and creation.

This is not the time to turn away from the wholeness of who we are. This episode speaks to the allowing of ourselves, and knowing how that out loudness, touches and changes the world around us.

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00:00 - After the awakening... what next? How can we navigate life without time to reconfigure to the new of who we are? 05:28 - Channelling from The Crew. Owning the space of the light bringer, lightworker and teacher that you are - yes YOU! 20:11 - Am I being the fullest OUT LOUDNESS of myself? Are you being your fullest light - and listening to what that means for you.

I hope you enjoy this first podcast, and I'd love to hear your thoughts / questions / insights. Let's chat!

‘Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t; and remember that the only thing that's real, is reality, until it's not.' Huge love, Cat x

TRANSCRIPTION: #3 Teaching and Living Out Loud

Hey there, and welcome to Reality Poke with me Cat Knott. And today we are going to talk about ‘Teaching Out Loud’.

Now. This one's a little bit different, because this has been prompted to me by The Crew. Because I have to admit that I do not let myself be as loud in this world, as I probably could do, and should do, and ought to, and that I want to.

I said in the first podcast that I am the biggest reluctant Channeler in the world. It has taken me a really long time to be able to become the version of me, that is capable of doing this work.

I've had to work at every level of my being. To be brave enough to stand and shine now as a channel, as a bringer of wisdom, as someone who speaks in this way.

And I think this is what happens to us, is that we are given an expansion like we talked about in the previous podcast. We're given an Awakening. We're given a moment of expansion. And then the humanness in us needs time to reconfigure itself to the new essence of Who We Are.

And so, we go through this period of, “I am not ready to be the me that I know that I am. I need to just wait until that reconfiguration settles down a little bit”. So here now we're talking about teaching out loud. Because so many of us have been through this expanding process, so quick now.

This element of Awakening is so quick and so exponential now, that we are not having the same amount of time to reconfigure that we've had previously. So those of us who are sensitive to all of these downloads, all of these changes, all of these expanding energies coming in. We haven't got the same allowance of like “just give me a few weeks to just integrate that”

We're now being encouraged to be the energy of ourselves even before that reconfiguration has occurred. Even before the humanness of us is ready. And so, this is the next step is to allow ourselves to be more out loud. Teach this world out loud. Of what it means to be an Awakening Soul in this time, what it means to be in this quickening. What it means to be here. In this moment, when everything is changing.

And so it's our job, now, to actually walk the Awakening process, to teach out loud, all of the things that we are going through, all of the weirdness, all of the callings in the yearnings that we have inside of ourselves, but also to share how incredibly weird and freaky and unsettling and difficult it is for us is teachers going through this time, too.

Because there are so many people out there that are experiencing this expansion and they do not have the guides to go ‘Hey, it's okay. This is what's happening. This is why you're feeling that way. It's okay, go with it, ride with it’. And so many of us who have been working on ourselves for some time, or are working in this world as transformational beings. We are the ones who have been called to be here as the way showers. And that actually means that we have to be the way showers and teach out loud, the friggin weirdness of this expansion that's occurring.

And doing that through the expression of ourselves as being the fullness of ourselves that entirety of ourselves, in every single minute, no matter where we are and what we're doing.

This is not the time to turn away from the fullness of Who We Are.

And so I'm going to hand this over to The Crew now because it's them that poked me to keep teaching out loud. And let's see what they have to say.

Channelled from The Crew

This is a moment in Humanity's history, where so many of you are now recognizing the power that you have brought into this space as the lightbringer that you are. As the teacher that you are. As the bringer of newness that you are.

And we speak on this occasion to the unfolding in this version of reality. In this supposed shift from 3rd dimensional perception. Into a wider perceptional space. And we do not necessarily agree in our perspective of the need to create structures and labels and boxes for this next level of Awakening. Many of you are hearing the words and phrasing your explanations in the way that you are creating another solid reality, based around the expansion of humanity in this time. And so, yes, you are in this space of reality unfolding loosening and expanding. Into a more connected aware feeling Society.

Everyone on this planet is feeling this new expression of energetic self. And we wish to speak into this reality in this moment where so many of you are being called. And the calling comes from deep within. The calling comes in many times without framework or format. The calling comes in a knowing, a deep knowing that there is more, that you are more, that you are powerful, that you are a bringer of yourself into this experience of reality. And so the humanness inside ourselves, then reaches out for a format, a framework, a box an understanding, another work person's way of understanding, what you are experiencing as your own unique and individual expansion.

But that is the human way. It is necessary for the humanness of you, to wish to keep you in a way that feels comfortable in a way that feels normal, in a way that fits into society that keeps you safe. And yet this allowing of self, expression of self, expansion of self, is undeniable in your energetic feeling and witnessing of yourself, in being the humanness of you. And so, we ask you, to not look at this expansion, and to reach out for a box to put it in. But to allow yourself to know, that the radiance of you is changing.

And just as light brings different ways of seeing this world and different ways of allowing yourself to see differently. You are also bringing that same energy into the world in which you live.

Every single being you come into contact with, is changed by your light. For they in their own self are allowed in that moment, to awaken their own expansion through being in community, in touch with, in connection with, the light and the radiance of you.

And this is the moment of allowing yourself to be out loud in the light of you. Shining as bright as you allow yourself to be in the light, and the resonance, and the radiance of you.

And so, what does that mean? the human in you cries out to know, “Tell me what my light is. Please someone give me a framework for my light. Please, someone tell me how I should be shining”. And yet you see and you feel the disconnect there. For only you in the light of you, being the presence of you, being the radiance of you, are the fullest teacher of You, by allowing you to be the greatest, brightest essence of yourself in each and every breath. And so, what does that mean? How do we bring that back into human form? If when we bring it into human form, it can only be diminished in itself.

This is the understanding of this time. That every single one of you is a teacher. Every single one of you is a world changer. Every single one of you is capable of changing this world.

But how can that be? you cry. Because imagine if every single soul on this planet would suddenly allow themselves, to shine. To allow their light to reach further. To let go of the framework and the boxes and the understandings and the language and the structures that have held that light in place, until this time.

Imagine the entirety of humanity, shining brightly. Every single person shining alongside every single person would create a light shift in this world, that would be forever changing. For once Humanity, felt that connection, that so many of you as individuals are feeling now, imagining the entirety of humanity feeling that knowing of connection, knowing that all things are infinitely the same.

Imagine that world now. And so if you are a teacher here, in the languaged version of a teacher, if you are one, who is a Healer, one who is a writer, one who is a Creator one who is someone who translates energy into music one who is a translator of energy into New. Imagine that as your light. And so to stay in the light of you. To light your own fire, to light your own resonance, you only have to do the thing that is your light.

And that does not mean that you have to remain hidden, in doing your thing, in doing your ‘it’, in doing your creation of your own resonance. Many of you are Healers, but remain small in a structured state. 

Imagine now the Healer in you let loose. The Healer in you that is a Healer as you walk in this world, as you are out in your everyday. Imagine the writer and the translator of energy, the music maker, who is in every single step bringing that into the world. Be the light of you out loud.

Now is the time where we are witnessing a dissolving of all levels of structure, all levels of labeling, all levels of what must be. And yes this is bringing much disturbance in the world. But it is also bringing infinite capabilities into Humanity to shift the way that you now create, to shift the way that you now bring your light. To shift the way that you are now, the resonance of the teacher of you out loud.

But you do not have to be a labeled teacher, creator to do the essence of you in this world. The work that you do is not necessary to be a reflection of the light of you, you can bring the light of you into anything in this world.

And here again, we see a disconnect of truth of knowing who you are and this belief that therefore the me’ness of me cannot do that job cannot do that work, cannot be in that situation. And yet, if you allow yourself to be the strength and truth and power and frequency, and resonance of you out loud, in every single moment, then you are able to be in any form of work, of existence, of energy space. For you are shining within it.

And we have said before this energy belief of light and dark, is a belief that is also being broken down now. This structure of belief that you cannot be the highest greatest resonance of yourself, because of your outside circumstances, is one that must be dissolved now.

For you are able to be a light in this world as the fullest version of the teacher, and the bringer of resonance of you, in any situation, in any vibrational frequency, in any element of existence.

Hey there, so this is me back as me talking about well, Being Light. How cool is that?

Knowing that our resonance of who we are, the frequency that we are putting into this world - being enough. The light that we're putting into the world being enough. Knowing that our work is just about being the truest essence of ourselves. That's pretty cool.

Because if you're anything like me as an alleged teacher in this world, as someone who does this for their work… How often do we do this? That we have an expansion and then we look for a box to put it in.

We look for someone else to tell us what that expansion is supposed to be bringing into the world. But imagining that we are all an expanded rainbow of different frequencies. And that in actual fact, all we are here to do is to shine our particular, unique color, radiance, resonance into this world. And that being the teaching, that being it, being that out loud and that being every single aspect of ourselves, that then feels doable. Because it any single minute in the day, we can be putting our hand on our heart and saying, “Am I being out loud here? Am I being fully out loud as me?” and I can check in with myself now and go… the answer to that, will be no, most of the time.

But I think also as I'm checking in with myself, there's also a caveat here that we have to remember that sometimes, the being the fullest out loudness of ourselves, will be sitting on the sofa with a blanket and a hot chocolate and watching a little bit of rubbish TV. Because that is what our soul wants to do in the full out loudness of ourselves in that moment. So again, it's having this new perspective of what out loud living actually is.

I’m sure we're going to come back to this some other way, some other descriptive, some other direction in another conversation. But do that now, put your hand on your heart. Are you being the fullest Out Loudness of you? Are you bringing your full Resonance of you Out Loud right now?

How much freaking fun, could that be to live from that place? If you want to find out more about how you can work with me or hear more about what The Crew talks about, and how we can be more in the world.

You can find my work on my website at www.uninvented.life. Thank you so much for listening. I look forward to seeing you in the next podcast.

And that is all we need to do today. Just shine out loud! Huge, huge love. Bye for now.

Poking at Teaching and Living Out Loud with Cat Knott & The Crew : Published 5 November 2021

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