2: Poking at Awakenings

How can we handle all these Awakenings? We are literally living in a cycle of change that is happening so quickly – our navigation points are constantly changing, as we expand and feel the world differently each day. How can we find a way forward in this unsettledness when nothing seems solid enough to hold onto?

The Crew bring forward a perspective of why we’re opening and becoming ‘more’ so quickly, and how we as humans can anchor ourselves in this knowing, even though we feel like we don’t know who we’re going to be tomorrow. Being human, and not just human, living in these times means that we can embrace this constant expansion and create differently.

This is a fabulous listen for you Light Bringers, Visionaries, Creatives and Spiritual Entrepreneurs, who need to know why you feel you need to let go of the solidity of how you’ve been doing things before. 

[00:00] – WTF?! Awakenings – how can we navigate right now?

[08:35] – Over to The Crew. The idea of Awakenings that’s creating even more awakenings.

[26:00] – Recognising this new way of being Awakening humans, and freeing ourselves to create, create, create. 

*‘Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t; and remember that the only thing that’s real, is reality, until it’s not.’* Huge love, Cat x

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Disclaimer: Everything you hear on Reality Poke, is my own navigation guide to the incomprehension of life as a human, and ponderings on how to be totally cool with not understanding any of it. 

The content you’ll find here is not intended to replace your common sense, and should not be used as a substitute for it, nor is it provided to take the place of any medical, legal, financial, or other professional advice. All content is offered for educational, spiritual, and entertainment purpose only.


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