4 : Poking at Living With Muggles

How are you doing with living alongside the ‘muggles’ in your life? As awakening Souls, we’re constantly expanding and seeing the world differently every day. So what happens when we have to still live, and navigate our new lives, in a world that’s full of solid thinking, old paradigm humans – especially if they’re those we love?

In this episode we shine a light on what so many of us are feeling, (and yes, you totally have permission to be feeling it). How are we feeling it, witnessing it, and struggling with it in the world?

We then pass the question over to *The Crew* who explore further from different perspectives, and then explain how we can use what we are feeling and witnessing to make new choices for ourselves, and how we want to create our next steps,

All gratitude, honors, and HUGE thanks to the wonderful JK Rowling for the Harry Potter Books which have created this fabulous new language to help us all navigate living with the ‘seemingly’ nonmagical in our world :D 

[00:00] – Hands up, all of you who’re struggling with this right now?!

[05:44] – Over to *The Crew*. You, them, the world, and how to find guidance and direction in what we’re feeling.

[15:22] – Creating from a different space – are you making the NEW choices?

* ‘Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t; and remember that the only thing that’s real, is reality, until it’s not.’ Huge love, Cat x *

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Disclaimer: Everything you hear on Reality Poke, is my own navigation guide to the incomprehension of life as a human, and ponderings on how to be totally cool with not understanding any of it. 

The content you’ll find here is not intended to replace your common sense, and should not be used as a substitute for it, nor is it provided to take the place of any medical, legal, financial, or other professional advice. All content is offered for educational, spiritual, and entertainment purpose only.


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