Introducing Reality Poke with Cat Knott

Are you ready to poke around in your reality a little bit? Are you ready for something that’s going to make you go ‘….hmmmmm’ and ‘eh?!’ and (hopefully) ‘ooooo that’s interesting!’

In this weekly podcast I’ll be taking a subject that’s making our collective brains glitch, and I’ll be questioning it, and unfolding it from two surprisingly different perspectives.

You see, not only am I hosting this podcast as Cat Knott evolutionary coach and life ponderer extraordinaire – but I’ll also be co-hosting it as a Channel, with my spiritual team & collective, The Crew.

The Crew are an encouraging force, to expand, live, breathe, and teach – out loud – in these times when many of us have been called to our own truth as Light Bringers, and Soul-Led Warriors as never before!

So, THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN! Hold on tight, it’s time for Reality Poke.

You can find out more at

‘Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t. The only thing that’s real, is reality, until it’s not. ‘

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