Our Separateness, and Outside of’ness : Sanctuary Session #1


Have you always felt like you're Outside Of the rest of life, and never quite fitted in?

In this first of the Sanctuary Sessions (recorded in Aug 2023), The Crew, the energy collective I am a channel for, guided me to the subject of SEPARATENESS - and how that is the greatest GIFT that we have to bring to this world. 

In this recording, (which I edited a little just to get through to the yummy bits quicker) I start with talking about why we are the Lightbringers here and what that means to us all - and how we all chose to be here in this time of enormous change.

What were we thinking, lol?! 


In this session we talk about :

  • The evolving energy of the World, and how roadmaps and teachings are all being left behind as we find our own unique and NEW ways. 
  • How our own awakenings are moving at an accelerated speed, and how that in itself is moving the evolution of the world forward in quicker and quicker was as we declare... yep, Universe bring it on! 

Then I hand over to The Crew as I voice channel their message of: 

  • The concept of Separation as a gift and a necessary part of how we are creating new energies for the future of Humanity.
  • Explore this Separation as being outside of the current Reality Loop of creation. 
  • How we all have a powerful role to play in establishing and breaking free of old patterns.
  • How 'fixing' is solidifying.
  • and that Life is an adventure we are all here to live everyday, and asking more and more 'Show me more of the Moreness of Me'. 

I hope you enjoy this Sanctuary Session, and please let me know your thoughts , just click here to CONTACT ME and send me a message, I'd love to hear from you. 


This Full session recording is 1hr 23mins - The Channeling from The Crew (32mins) begins at 17mins 26s, and there is a chapter in the video above to jump you straight there if you wish. 

You can see the transcription of the Channeled Message from The Crew in this video below. 

Sanctuary Session : CHANNEL FROM THE CREW : Transcription

"Welcome to all of you.

We are so grateful.

We are so grateful for each and every single individual one of you.

We are so grateful that each of you has chosen to be here.

Not only just for this communication and this conversation this evening.

But for this existence, for your entire existence here on this linear plane now.

For as it has been explained to you, you are indeed changing this world by your agreement to be a part of it.

We are stepping forward as has been explained as a collective of energies that is outside of this linear solid manifest creation of existence, we shall say.

For from outside of it, as you have been outside of it.

You are aware that all that is within it, is a construction, is a pre-agreement of what this element and existence of life is to be.

And you, each and every one of you, as the light bringers here, you have chosen to be of a new blueprint here.

You have chosen to walk in this world as one who is, and we shall not say, unafraid, but of one who is willing to be different.

Willing to be outside of, willing to be on the edge of, willing to always feel apart from.

Willing to always be, one who does not fit into this world.

Now this does not mean that you will not have had experiences of joy here.

For that is indeed the purpose of being here is to experience life as human, as the fullest extent of you and to experience each and every moment of this life, as the joy that it is.

As the experiencing and witnessing, of life and creation itself.

But you are here as we say with a pre-agreed directive within yourself that you would not be one who perpetuates the balance that exists.

Let us explain a little further.

This world that you are being held in now, and we say being held in because we hold you in this time.

We are holding you in these moments that you are listening to these words.

You are being held in a remembrance of the connection to all things that you are.

In the remembrance of all that you are that is outside of this.

In the remembrance of all that you are and all that you agreed before you stepped forward into this realm of humanness.

You are being held here. You are being held in a frequency of love.

A frequency of highest self, highest knowing, highest expanded you.

For you, are far more then you are aware that you are.

You are far more than you are experiencing yourself as in this moment.

You are far more.

And this is why we have guided this channel to create these events and to live with her own experience of, ‘show me more of the moreness of me’.

And this is what you are experiencing here now is the moreness of the moreness of you.

The knowing and the remembering in your cells and yourself, and your energy and all that you are, that you are far more.

And so let us return to this concept, if we may for a moment, to remind you of your agreement of the separateness of you.

Now many of you will have been taught that there is a separateness that occurs when a soul steps into human form.

This is truth.

There is a progression, if you will, of understanding that a being such as yourself goes through where you recognize that you are in human self and energetic self.

Two separate beings living as one in this moment.

You have all discovered this for yourself.

You have all discovered that you have connection to energy and knowledge that is outside of your own physical knowing, your own physical learning,

your own physical creation of human self.

Everyone who is listening to these words knows this as truth.

You know that you are more.

And this separateness of human self has been taught as a understanding of how you are more than.

That you are a soul, that you are in a progression that you are in a learning space, shall we say.

What we would like to bring to you as an additional concept today, is that all of that is also a concept of learning.

Now allow yourself to just let in this possibility of possibility.

For we feel that it will bring within you great peace.

To allow this as a possibility into your concept of understanding.

That outside of this progressive self, there is a pre-agreed reality.

There is a pre-agreed reality of all humankind here now.

There is a blueprint if you like.

There is a standard setting, shall we say. That all humans, including the one that you were born into, have within them a programming of the limitations and the understandings of what it means to be a human.

What it means to walk this world in this linear time frame.

What it means to walk in this world through time and space and understanding.

What it means to be in a progression of life.

What it means to grow old.

What it means to have a physical framework, what it means to be the machine, the animal, the concept, the framework, the being that you are.

There is a blueprint for this.

And all of you had an agreement that you would step into this.

And understand that you would be stepping into these pre-agreed limitations.

And in doing so, you would encounter separation.

You would encounter the non connectedness.

You would encounter limitation in what this human form is capable of.

You would encounter separation from all of those around you.

You would encounter separation because moving from a state of non physical into physical, requires a shift into separation.

And therefore, there is a yearning that is built into the heart of all beings in this pre-agreed reality that you remember that you were once part of a deeper connection.

And there are those of you who have worked through this lifetime to unfold and unfurl and allow deeper connection back into that space again.

You understand that you are part of a collective here.

You understand that you are energy, for many of you.

You understand that you are resonance made real.

You understand that you are made solid because of the pre-agreement of resonance being made solid.

Many of you understand these concepts. 

And this is the first level of separation that we speak of.

That all souls over eons, that have chosen to be made in physical form to live in this world for a short while, feel this separation.

However, you as part of this collective, as you have been drawn to these words, as you have been drawn to this channel and drawn to this communication, you are also here with a blueprint for an entirely different concept of being.

And this is the remembering that there is an outside of all of the pre-agreed reality that you are made manifest into.

If you can imagine that the entirety of all things every single thing in this experience of life, is created through a pre-agreement.

A pre-agreement that you stepped into as human, that has been self perpetuating itself through the experience of being human for eons.

And this means that all within this space is of created reality.

There have been those here, who have searched for ways to explore and expand what is not solid, what is more than.

And the energy outside of has been created into explanations.

Into ways of teaching, into understandings that others have given as signposts towards something that is more.

Towards something that is outside of.

But what has occurred is that the explanations of and the stories of and the thought forms therefore created from, have self perpetuated into a deeper version of this solid linear time framed space.

Where others have reached into and created understandings for each and every piece of that which exists within it already.

Let that be heard.

What exists within it, already.

And this is the self perpetuation that we speak of.

For now we live in a time where humanity is expanding its vibrational frequency to such an extent, that the blueprints that have been, that the pre-agreement of what is - is no longer capable of holding space for what is to come.

For what is to come, is beyond the current reality concept and agreement that has been made the blueprint of humanity so far.

And you can hear us when we say that there have been different blueprints in times gone by.

There have been different civilizations and understandings of life.

Where these pre-agreements were far different.

But in this pre-agreement, that you are in now. This loop of reality we shall say, where the understanding of reality self perpetuates itself over, and over again.

This is what you are here to be one who breaks free off.

And this is why you came into this space, with an understanding and a remembering and a knowing and a frequency and an energy,

that was never made to fit in.

That was never made to take the teachings and the learnings of others.

That was never made to be a fully embedded self here.

For by being outside of it, you and millions of others.

And we say this with truth, millions of others, chose to be here to live this existence outside of the blueprint.

Outside of the current reality loop, if you will.

And in doing so, you pre-agreed with yourself that you would feel an additional level of separation.

Because there is a requirement for you to be here, outside of, with the remembering of the outside of all that is.

That you are bringing to the space now.

And that is why you as the light bringers, as networked together.

Being in the places where you were made manifest, in the lineages where you were made manifest, in the lives where you chose to be manifest.

You are bringing a frequency of, outside of.

You are bringing a frequency which is networking together to elevate this world, far beyond the blueprint it currently has.

And yes, you are that powerful.

And yes, you may have been believing that your being outside of has made you feel for your entire lives, that you have missed something.

That you are doing something wrong, that you are not accepted.

But we wish for you to hear and be held in, and know and remember the truth of your self.

That you agreed to come here to be a bringer of the new light.

Of the new becoming.

And that means that the resonance of outside of this needed to be woven so solidly into this time and space.

To allow in what is more of the moreness for humanity now.

For is it not true that this world requires answers from outside of the reality the loop that you are already in?

Is it not that humanity requires a reconnection, to what is more than the thisness of now?

Is it not true that you as being one who has always questioned, who has always yearned for understanding more, is it not true that that has brought you here?

To this time, this knowing, this allowing yourself to be the fullness of who you are.

And now to hear that you are a part of millions who chose this path.

Let this be a freeing moment for you.

That indeed it is those of you who are breaking free of patterns, that are allowing that separation that you have always felt to create a new world.

Not only in your life and your existence, but for humanity for this world and for this entire concept of created linear time frame now.

For there is far more that is arriving.

And humanity is not prepared yet, to have the skills, to have the abilities, to recognize that this human framework that you live within is capable of so much more.

A new blueprint is required.

And you are witnessing it, unfolding in this world.

You are seeing how the breaking down of old rules and old patterns and ways that you are witnessing yourself, recognizing that you are not a part of.

This is the power that you bring now.

Where you see yourself looking upon this world and know that it is the separation from it, that is allowing you to create new.

It is allowing you to step free of.

And this world that maybe you have always struggled to feel a part of, you now see falling away from you and you no longer wish to reach out for it.

For you know that you are already beyond it.

And this is the awakening that is being brought about now that you are feeling now.

This separateness, is truly a gift to this world.

Is truly a gift to humanity.

Is truly a gift to every single person that you come into contact with.

For the light that you bring that brings with it an outside of this energy,  that there is more than this energy, that there is different choices available energy.

You rekindle that in all of the people that you meet in this world.

You are the spark and the light and you bring that forward in every single communication that you have.

And this is why we encouraged these conversations so that you could come together and remember and be held in,. the energy and knowing and remembering of the outside of the this'ness.

That there is more than this solid linear time frame that you are in.

That there is more than the current understanding of the structure of reality.

And we mean that in the entire sense of reality in every single concept and every single understanding of it, and every single believing of it.

All of it is up for questioning.

And it is you as the light bringers that are bringing the questions.

And you are bringing the questions and the answers that the rest of humanity has not even brought themselves to think of yet.

And this is why for many of you are healers and teachers and guides, you are struggling.

Because the reality of the solidity of life is encouraging you to remain within the structured sense of understanding of the now, but you are called to create the things that are prepared for when the rest of humanity catches up.

And yes, it is a complicated space to be.

But you know that you are driven and you have within you a desire to create that which comes through you now.

Do not simply look for the validations of what has been.

You know that you are here, in a way that is not any longer to fix the problems that already exist, but to bring through an entirely different new concept of life itself.

And that all starts with each and every one of you, owning the light that you are.

Owning the message that you bring and knowing that you bring that in every single breath.

In every single communication and every single conversation, in every single moment, in every single beat of the heart that you have in this solid form.

That is what you bring to this world.

You are far more.

And we know that we have perhaps encouraged you to expand into places which may feel uncomfortable.

Which may feel like your brain does not understand.

But it is your brain as human self, that needs a little time to catch up.

The energy frequency of you, the resonance of you, the light of you knows this truth.

Knows that you are here for bringing in these new concepts of existence.

That simply by being here as the questioners, as the bringers of a new frequency, as the ones who are here living differently,

living outside of.

Witnessing your experience of not quite fitting in.

That is your greatest gift.

For that is what is required for humanity.

And we will go deeper. In conversations to come.

We will go further, and we will bring answers to questions that you will have.

But just know that these times are where you can tap into this energy.

It matters not when you listen to these words.

The frequency is built in from outside of time and space, and mass and movement and all of the other rules that you have living here in  this pre-agreed agreement of reality.

From outside of that space, it is not required that you listen to these words in a particular moment.

Just know that you will be called, and the energy will be available to you exactly when it is required.

But you know this.

For this is why you are here.

You understand the importance of this.

And we are so grateful to you.

For choosing to be here for bringing this new energy into this world.

And we believe that that is sufficient for this day, for this communication.

We will hold you for a few more moments and allow you to return, to your physical framework a little more.

To become more fully formed and more solid in your human self.

To remember your agreement to walk in this life in this time linear structured space, but witnessing yourself in being.

We have explained through this channel many times that there has been a progression.

You have been taught that you were human.

You were then taught that you were a spirit having a human experience.

What we would like for you to allow yourself to understand is that you are a spiritual being, a connected being, a being outside of all of this - that is having a spiritual experience itself.

Witnessing itself in being human for this short while.

It is a concept. It is a step further.

Allowing yourself the possibility of possibility.

When you understand the construction of what is, when you allow in a visualization of what is.

You will also allow in a recognition and a remembering of what is not this.

And for this moment, with our deepest gratitude, We shall step back for this day."

Channeled from The Crew August 14th 2023

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