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By agreeing to join this community you acknowledge that Cat Knott is a guide and coach, who is dedicated to pointing people toward the possibility of a positive change in their lives. The support and services Cat offers come from her own unique collection of life experiences, beliefs, spiritual understandings, intuition and learning.

By choosing to work with Cat Knott, purchasing one of the products listed on  explore.uninvented.life or uninvented.life, or joining this community you agree to the understanding that her work with you is to be used/received with your own discernment, and in the case of her channeled/energy/intuitive products and work you agree that these are offered as merely as an expansive indication of what may be possible, no guarantees can be given. As it is not possible to verify the accuracy of these more spiritual/esoteric offerings, these elements should be seen as an experiment into possibility only, and are undertaken with an energy of entertainment and ‘what-if?’. Her work is not intended to replace your common sense, and should not be used as a substitute for it. In accordance with international law all content and advice given is offered for educational, spiritual, and entertainment purpose only.

She is not a medical or health practitioner, and her offerings are not provided to take the place of any medical, legal, financial, or other professional advice. If you or any other person are in crisis, or need of urgent care, please immediately contact your local emergency services.

Thank you for helping make The Library a positive and welcoming space!

These guidelines are subject to change, and we will notify members of any major updates.

Remember, this is your community, let’s work together to keep it respectful, positive, and enjoyable for everyone.

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