The Awakening Series #1 : A New Collective Awareness

The first recording in the New Awakening series of channeled messages.

This was made at the beginning of the Covid19 outbreak in Europe, (recorded on 11th March 2020) and speaks of the wider human perspective of the global health issue, and how this is an awakening to a new perspective on personal responsibility and collective living.

Watch it here, on YouTube or you can read the transcript below :“We have been requested, to speak at this time regarding the energies; the overwhelmment that this Earth, this planet is feeling at this moment.

Specifically we also wish to address the illness that you are reacting to as part of this fear, as part of this overwhelm as part of this energy of helplessness that is resonating around this planet at this time.

Firstly this is a message, not of fear, not of hope, but a message of awareness.

A message of… ‘This is a time to become aware. This is a time to become curious of. This is a time to become.’

More than any other time that this planet has been through in recent years. This is a time to become aware of your own personal responsibility in the global connectedness, of all and every thing on this planet.

There have been layers upon layers, upon layers, of things that you have seen and witnessed in these last few years, where you have questioned the way that things have been done, you have questioned… ‘is this what I wish to see in my world’, you have started to awaken as a global population to… ‘is this right for me now?’

And then you are seeing now here at this point in time specifically an illness, which is being presented in a way, which yes is triggering fear. But also it is presenting to allow Humanity to become aware of your own responsibility of yourself within this Collective nature of life itself.

And so here we find ourselves in a space where each and every human is having to become aware of not only the fact that you are within a structured organization to whom you have passed much responsibility of your life. But also that you are in part of a collective organization, which has power over your life, from those decisions from the Collective Agreement. That this is how society and life will be undertaken at this time.

However, now with this moment with this awareness suddenly of how quickly life can change, of how quickly the structures and organizations of Life can go from severe solidity in your perception (for that is how they have always been purely perception), how they can go from structured solid real to no longer there. In the blink of an eye.

The perception and the belief of ‘this is how life should be’, can change immediately in a moment and this illness that you are seeing as a trigger for this new Awakening, this new awareness.
This is allowing the stepping back and away from the solidity of life.
The realness, the belief that this is how it must be.

But if things are changing so quickly, and governments are saying schools will close, governments are saying travel will stop, governments are saying, you will no longer be allowed to go about your life in the way that it has been… suddenly, as as an individual… suddenly from that perspective and awareness and Awakening has no choice but to start to find itself in your being, in your resonance, in your understanding of life because now you find yourself in a place of non-solidity, you find yourself in a place of ‘this is not what I believed life is supposed to be, this is not what we have lived as life until this point’ and suddenly you become aware that all of these things have power over you, all of these things are given to you.

All of these things are taken as a given by yourself.
The way that the world is organized, the way that monetary systems, the way that health systems, the way that travel systems, the way that corporations work, the way that drugs are created, the way that you find your own way to health and wellness.
All of these things are suddenly brought into question… in a moment.
And this is where the world in which you live finds itself.

It is not the severity of the illness itself, which is triggering the fear. It is the unsettledness of the  sudden realization that life can change in a moment and that ripple going out into this world is what is shifting and changing, and becoming so much unsettledness, and this is bringing out in this world energies of anger, energies of confusion, energies of blame, energies of ‘It must not be my responsibility, it is their responsibility’ and this is where you now as a Humanity must come to a realization that to exist as an individual in a truly connected and collaborative World in which you live now, the speed of this transmission proves this to you now to live as an individual within this Collective,
requires you as each individuals to take responsibility for your own energetic resonance within this world.

And if we look at that from an energetic resonance, this is the language that has been sent into this world that has become common language of late, the energy of what energies you put out is what you attract, the secret, the language of manifestation.
This has now become mainstream but this particular epidemic of health, of reaction to life, that you are living through now.

It has brought home, to not only the spiritually aware but to humanity as a whole… That you must be the one that is responsible for your own reflection into the collective, specifically at this time, meaning therefore that you cannot walk through this world believing that you are taking health issues solely for yourself as in, ‘I am taking care that I do not catch’ is not the same energetic frequency of
responsibility of ‘I am taking care that I am not transmitting.’
And this as a way of clearly seeing how energy in itself in this world works, is such a clear example that now you must take responsibility for so much.

You must allow yourself to feel that it is my responsibility as an individual to not perpetuate the energies, the frequencies, the illnesses, the structures, that I no longer wish to see in my world.
It is my responsibility to not be that, in this world.
And this is the greater conversation.
This is the larger perspective.

So in this particular instance, we are talking of an illness.
But it also resonates to… how can I take responsibility for the fact that I wish to nurture myself in a better way when the world around you suddenly finds the delivery systems, the ‘providing to you’ systems.
When they are presented suddenly in a broken fashion, it has no other option but to reflect to you that suddenly there is a responsibility that you have not taken as your own, until this point.

And so the collective shift now into a new frequency on this planet is one of, learning to be responsible for one’s own energy within the collective of humanity itself within the collective of this world itself.

The shift has moved from, ‘I wish to see somebody else to make a difference in this world’, to ‘I am now making the choice to make a difference in this world.’

The resonance has shifted, and the more that you are reminded of this, the more that your awareness will grow, the more that habits will change, the more that you will see that the reality of life itself is easily changed for the energy itself of reality can change in a
moment, and it changes in a moment when the people within it suddenly realize that that solidity is not what it was perceived to be.

And so now we must find peace and compassion within the state of the world in which we find it.
This will come and go, as with all things, all things flow, all things change, this particular crisis will change this particular crisis will flow.
But it will flow into the next, it will flow into the next, it will flow into the next, not particularly a crisis but a lesson into this new awareness.

This world is Shifting, this world is changing, this world is asking every individual to find within them the responsibility for their own frequency, the responsibility for their own self, the responsibility for, ‘what is it that I wish to be in this world?
What is it that I wish to bring to this world?
What is it that I can bring as a gift to this world?’
That is the essence and the shift and the change and we must look not within the reality of life itself.
But beyond the reality of life itself, we are now in a state where this world is moving so quickly.

That the questions that we are being asked to answer now, are the precursors of the bigger questions which are opening up constantly, which are resonating within ourselves as human beings here on this planet, of where does the responsibility lie for this world?
And we say that the responsibility lies in each and every individual as part of this intricate and beautiful Collective of life itself.”

© Cat Knott 11/March/2020


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