What If?! You can’t catch a break?

What If?! You can’t catch a break?

What If?! The world is against you
& every moment seems hard.

What If?! That feeling of heaviness never seems to leave,
never lightens,
never reprieves your heart?

What if?! That time was given and never to return,
a moment seemingly wasted
on nothing but pain.

What If?! There seems nowhere to turn.
noone or nowhere which does not remind or
reinforce our belief, that ‘nothing is fair’.

When everything seems to pile
one onto the next.
To prove the point
that life is hard and needs to be so.

What then?
What if?

What if?! That’s all there is
And this is really it?
The struggles, the upset,
the unhappiness.

What if?!

What if? We think for a moment,
Just breathe
Just rest
For one breath or two
To think What If?
What if, that’s not all there is?

What if, that’s just a glimpse,
that catches your eye because it’s what you’re accustomed to see?

What if?! From the corner of your eye
from just out of sight, there is more…
but it is hidden.
Away from seeing; because it is not seen.

What If?! You could breathe
For a moment or two
And close your eyes
To reopen them with a different view?

What if?! Just beyond knowing what you’re sure you’ll see,
are the things you’re longing for
but no longer believe in?

What if?! You were to breathe?
For a breath or two
and in that next moment you allowed yourself, not to see the pain, but to look beyond it.
To see what else is there, what else is missed?

There is all in this world,
Love and fear, hope and despair
Yet behind each is the door to the other.

So, What If?! You were to breathe,
for a breath or two
and opened the door beyond the one you know so well.
The door that’s hidden, in the corner of your eye, that isn’t a door but an opening to a new possibility.
A possibility beyond – where life gives on top of each one, not more sadness and struggle but
more lightness and joy.

What if?! Beyond each moment of light, is simply more light,
and beyond each dark is more dark.

What if?! You were to breathe
Just for a breath or two
and open your eyes to focus not on the dark, expecting more,
but on the light.
And followed one step to the next.
From one experience to the next…

to catch a break

Somewhere beyond the next breath!

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