What if?! you could see through the eyes of everyone else?

What if?! you could see through the eyes of everyone else?

What if you really knew their thoughts?

What if you could walk in their shoes for just one day,

How would that change how you see them?

What if you could see yourself through the eyes of those others,

Really knowing their thoughts,

Not just what they say or what you see from them – but really knew?

Would you see what you expected?

Would you see their own truth? Would that be different to your own?

What if others could do the same, and see your life through their eyes?

Would they see who you really are? Deep down and hidden?

Would they see your own fears, your own doubts, your own loves and your own courage?

What if they could see that you are a creature of extraordinary complexity – that’s just doing the best you can, everyday.

And What if you could see the same?

How would life be, to see so differently?

to see the clarity behind the behaviour,

to see the hurt below the facade,

to see the love hidden beneath the pain

to see the child that still remains, hidden in us all?

How different would this life be – to walk in another’s life, for just one day?

A single moment to see, to experience, to know, to feel – to remember.

We’re all broken, yet we’re all whole – we’re all one – all the same.

What if this one day we faced everyone around us and decided…

Today I am willing to see,

Today I’m am open to your true self,

Today I know that all of you is yours, and all of me is mine – and that’s OK.

What If?!



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