Bring YOU. Bring WHO YOU ARE, bring WHERE YOU ARE… Then, You, Me and The Crew – Let’s poke reality!

Hi there, I’m Cat, and as an evolutionary coach, and channel for The Crew – my work is to hold a space that’s wide enough for you to feel into your most powerful, and expanded self.

In these 1-2-1 zoom sessions, we work together to explode edges, open possibilities, expand ideas, see new potentials, and loosen solid thinking.

These are private sessions where you can explore with me, Cat Knott, and The Crew, for a unique, and personal transformational experience.

There is always more to be found, uncovered and more questions to be asked. Let’s get started!

Bring YOU. Bring your questions. Bring your stuck.
Bring your ‘WTF?!‘ Bring your ‘who am I?’.
Bring your ‘I just don’t get it’. Bring your ‘why can’t I see this more clearly?
Bring your ‘what does it mean?

You, (yes YOU), are being asked to stand powerfully, right now, in all that you are…  and as a Light Bringer in this world, that means constantly balancing between ‘YES I’m ready bring it in‘, and ‘fu*k, fu*k, fu*k, fu*k, fu*k but what, and how‘… in equal measure.

You’re being called to a whole new way level of navigating this world, life and business, which doesn’t follow the rule books that others have written, and needs you to be powerfully ready to face into your own light, and reach into, and create from the places that you can’t see for yourself.

I’m here to remind you of the magic that you are, as you are Guided, Held, Witnessed, and Heard.

Each session is a personal and unique connection – allowing you to explore, expand, question and be shown a deeply loving reflection from a wider perspective. 

Single Sessions - Reality Poke, Realignment, Awakening, New Perspectives

Is a single 1-2-1 session right for you?

Are you feeling the need for a one-off nudge? Do you have questions, and would like to connect with me, and The Crew for a one-off hit of perspective shifts, reality pokes, and reminding you of the magic that you are?

No matter how powerful, connected, or able to see clearly for others we are – having a wide enough perspective, and untethered vision for ourselves is always difficult to achieve.

Would just like an hour, for you, to feel heard, held, witnessed and opened, in a way that makes sense, and speaks to you in real, tangible words that connect directly to you, and the questions you have right now?

  • If you know you’re getting intuitive nudges, and fragments of guidance, but you just can’t put them together.
  • If you’re feeling that there’s something you’re not seeing, that’s outside of your vision, something that you’re missing and you just can’t reach it on your own.
  • If you are feeling off track, and are yearning for a reminder of who you truly are. 
  • If you know that there’s more, but you just can’t get the perspective you need to see it.
  • If you wish you had the ability to do for yourself the powerful work you do for others.

If this is one of those moments – then a one off session is for you!

Your Investment in YOU for a 1-2-1 hour, via zoom, is €155 (although please block out 90 minutes in your diary).

NAVIGATION (4 sessions package) - Reinvention, Redirection, Realignment

Is NAVIGATION right for you?

A 4 week 1-2-1 package, including 4 x 1 hour zoom sessions (and receive an additional personal recorded channeled message worth €88).

Are you feeling called toward a new way, a higher purpose, or to be more of who you are, but can’t see clearly the direction you feel your Soul wants you to set your compass toward?

Are you brave enough to look that way? 

Looking into our own light needs us to be courageous, be fearless, and be determined. Are you ready?

  • If you know there is another way, are you ready to move toward it? 
  • If you know that you’re ready to make change, whether in your business, your life, your work, a passion unfulfilled or in your own self belief.

If YES, then order 4 sessions and we’ll work together to realign you. Navigation, is the direction finder you need.

If you want to spark the catalyst of change in your life, and you’re ready to commit yourself to adventure toward where that leads – here’s how it works. 

Part 1 : 1-2-1 Call – Reviewing your Now. You, your history and story. 

Part 2 : The Crew, my spirit collective, are asked to step forward, and I will channel for you a recorded message that brings a vibrational transmission to return you to center, and open you to potential and possibility. Speaking to, and allowing you to feel the expansion of the magic of the truth of YOU.

Part 3 : 1-2-1 Session – Integration. Bringing that expanded vision into the reality of where you are right now.

Part 4: 1-2-1 Session – Direction. Working with myself, and The Crew for clarity of movement, energetically and physically.

Part 5 : 1-2-1 Session – Elevation. The next expansion. From the new you – what next?

Your Investment for this 4 session Navigation package SPECIAL €555

EVOLUTION (12 session package) - Expansion, Embodiment, Direction.


A container of 12 x 1-2-1 calls, and personal WhatsApp support, as I walk with you over a 3 month expansion of YOU.

You, the Light Bringers in this world, are being called to, and are needed to stay at the most expansive edge of your evolution and creative potential. It’s at this leading edge that we’re creating what is truly needed for the next steps for humanity – we’re birthing the answers to questions that haven’t even been thought of yet.

Stepping out fully in the world, and bringing all of who we are for everyone to see, is one of the bravest and most courageous things that any of us can ever do. It takes facing our deepest fears, and standing in determination, to always choose to ‘be me’, over and over and over again; feeling, and working through every level of discomfort, but still choosing ‘me’.

You were born to be this uniqueness of you. And that uniqueness of you is calling you now to make it real, to make it live, to allow it to be. 

That is why you are a Warrior, and you are here to shift the world.

Full disclosure, I will be holding you unflinchingly in the vision and energy of the full magic of YOU, and I will be encouraging, poking, guiding, directing and nudging you, along with The Crew, for you to make that a reality in your world each and every day. 

Each session will take us into a space that’s needed for the next expansion from where you are, to the next, to the next, to the next.

  • If you’re ready to grow.
  • If you’re ready to question.
  • If you’re ready to expand.
  • If you’re ready to challenge your own thinking.
  • If you’re ready to look deep into your mission, break open perspectives of your next steps and truly own the power of what is wanting to be made real, through you… Then I can help.

You are here to help bring forward the next expression of creative force that humanity needs – and that starts with YOU – shining brightly, fiercely and unapologetically.


Your Investment for this 12 session Evolutionary Coaching package is €1800