Hi there, I'm Cat Knott

Welcome to LIFE... in all it's messed up, mixed up AND infinite, magical extraordinaryness!

If you've found your way here, you're probably a fellow Soul-Led Warrior on the pathless path of life trying to make sense of the 'Eh?! WTF?!' of it all, while knowing that inside of you there's a powerful, life, mission and purpose that you KNOW you're here to create, live and make real... if only you knew exactly what that was, and how to get there.

The good news is that YOU are already more capable, powerful and magical than you can possibly imagine! and it's time to hold on tight and enjoy the ride, as your  Uninvented Life is ready and waiting for YOU to live it!

The meaning of Life is LIFE!

The MAGIC happens, when you choose to LIVE it


Get started here, with these channelled messages from The Crew.
December 1, 2020

Getting Started : Creating Life from the Uninvented

Creating from a new space of possibility. A new space of expansiveness, a new space of that which has yet been uninvented. Click through for the transcript of the full channel.
February 9, 2021

Channeled : Humanity’s Crisis of Invisibility

It's time for us all to break free of our invisibility, and stand as the key piece of the universal awakening that we are. Ready?! Click through for the transcript of the full channel.
July 9, 2022
Poking at HELP! I’m Living with Muggles – Reality Poke #4
How are you doing with living alongside the ‘muggles’ in your life? We’re constantly expanding and seeing the world differently every day. So what happens when we have to still live, and navigate our new lives, in a world that's full of solid thinking, old paradigm 3D humans - especially if they’re those we love?
July 8, 2022
Poking at Teaching and Living Out Loud – Reality Poke #3
After the energy expansions and spiritual awakenings, each of us is being called to live, breathe, Be and teach the NEW version ourselves OUT LOUD, especially as a Lightbringer, healer, teacher, coach, creative and soul-led spiritual entrepreneur
July 8, 2022
Poking at Spiritual Awakenings – Reality Poke #2
In this episode of the Reality Poke podcast my energy collective The Crew and I, deep dive into Spiritual Awakening, what it is, how it works and how we’re welcoming in the new at an accelerated rate as the Lightworkers, Visionaries, Creatives and Awakening Souls.
July 6, 2022
Poking at Perspectives & Realities – Reality Poke #1
A channelled conversation, introducing myself and my energy spirit collective The Crew. in this first episode of Reality Poke. I explain what this channelling stuff is all about. We delve into the world of connection, channeling, being human, and being much ore than we think we are.

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What If?!

Questions to make you ponder,
scratch you head, and open to the infinite Possibility of Possibility!


Explode edges, open possibilities, expand ideas, see new potentials.

Expansion Sessions - Evolution Coaching

Holding a space that’s wide enough for you to feel into your most powerful, and expanded self

Channeled Wisdom for Soul-Led Guidance

Channelled from The Crew, to hear the Soul of you hidden behind all the noise of everyday life

  • I have worked with Cat and The Crew several times and each time they blow me away with the accuracy of their guidance. They really give you an energetic kick whilst holding you in the most loving space.
  • Some days I find myself pinching my cheeks! I know you're skeptical! I was too! But one thing that Cat will constantly repeat will be "Be You! Be You! Be YOU!" This is where Magic comes from!
  • In our work, a blank space of possibility opened up before me. That was scary at first. With Cat’s expert guidance I realized it wasn’t so scary. It was just new! and beautifully exciting.
  • Now I know that what was whispering to me is actually the voice of my soul and I wasn’t just imagining it
  • What you did was a purified reconnection of my own self to myself and my higher purpose which was trying to shine but was surrounded with uncertainty and fear.
  • Cat showed me that there is no other way I want to live my life. And I am willing to be courageous and go outside of my comfort zone to live fully my soul’s destiny for me.
  • No matter how many times I would try to play smaller, turn the vast soul’s ideas into smaller human ideas, she would push my edges to expand a little more, a little more, a little more.
  • My soul was screaming No! Cat understood this. SHE was the one who wouldn’t allow me to try to turn my soul’s expansive vision and desire to be expressed into a smaller expression in the world.
  • what I received was phenomenal to say the least. If you find yourself in a place where clarity is needed, perhaps a little sticky stuck or you need a very firm but kind arse kick then YOU MUST book right now.
  • Working with Cat is a whole other level. I won’t even call it coaching, as it works at such a multidimentional level. Cat is a truly gifted reader and space holder, that can see the glory of 'all of you' and allow you to step into another level of power and evolution.