about working with me

Once you're daring enough to ask at all levels 'show me more of the moreness of me'... Magic Happens!

I am deeply honored, blessed and excited every day, to act as an edge exploding catalyst, a steady walk with'er, and an all that you are space holder for massive expansive exploration, to so many unique, powerful soul-guided warriors.

Working with Cat is a whole other level. I won’t even call it coaching, as it works at such a multidimentional level. Cat is a truly gifted reader and space holder, that can see the glory of 'all of you' and allow you to step into another level of power and evolution.

Being a leader for a conscious movement followed by millions, I needed an evolved coach that can show me my blinds spot and keep me aligned with my highest vision and frequency, and I was beyond satisfied with the results.

If you are a light leader and looking for a powerful and practical coach, Cat is the one for you.

Ehab Hamarneh, UAE

What can I say except f#*%ing WOW!! To be honest, I didn't know what to expect. I was extremely drawn to Cat's channeled messages but didn't quite know what was going to be dropping in. The impact of what I received was phenomenal to say the least. If you find yourself in a place where clarity is needed, perhaps a little sticky stuck or you need a very firm but kind arse kick then YOU MUST book right now. The work is fucking awesome AND I pinky swear it won't be the last one I book too.

Emma Holmes, UK

Working with Cat Knott is such a great experience!

We engaged in a coaching project that was specifically to get clear on my soul’s path and to help me to live into it. At some level I already knew what my soul’s path was, I have sensed it, explored it with other coaches and identified many aspects.

But working with Cat was different - one of the challenges in the past was that prior coaches seemed to try to take my soul’s path and immediately work to help me to fit it into some limited context of how that would look in the world - a project, a business, a plan. And while that seems to make a lot of sense, I always felt confined.

My soul was screaming No! Cat understood this. SHE was the one who wouldn’t allow me to try to turn my soul’s expansive vision and desire to be expressed into a smaller expression in the world.

Cat is so gifted in not only seeing what our soul’s paths are, what our essence is, but also in being able to hold the vastness of that (because it’s bigger than we can even imagine) and keep reminding us, keep pointing us back to ourselves.

No matter how many times I would try to play smaller, turn the vast soul’s ideas into smaller human ideas, she would push my edges to expand a little more, a little more, a little more. And to this day, when I find myself shrinking or a little lost, I send her a quick note and she’s there to remind me of who I am, of my vastness, of my soul’s path.

I sometimes say “I need you to remind me who I am”. What’s very cool about our work together is that it translated into action. My human form now really GETS my soul’s path. And she is incredibly good at helping me to take my soul’s path and identify what the next step is for my human self on my soul’s path. It’s always this fine dance between holding the vastness of my soul and playing that out in the human world. Remembering that what I DO is just one thing along my soul’s journey, it's not the destination. And now, when I do something specific in the world, I know it’s one project or form of expression, it’s not ALL of who I am. I can play with how I express myself in the world while always following my soul’s path.

The more I align with my soul’s path, the more life feels right and life seems to align with it too. I know when something is NOT aligned so much faster and I know when something is not my path. I am much more clear with my Nopes and Yups in life. I know that my work with Cat was why I was able to really LIVE my soul’s path, rather than just know what it is. It requires courage to go against the grain, not live the way we are "supposed to" live our lives, but working with Cat showed me that there is no other way I want to live my life. And I am willing to be courageous and go outside of my comfort zone to live fully my soul’s destiny for me.

If you’re thinking about working with Cat, I highly recommend it! It’s worth the investment to tap into her genius (and her magic) to guide you to elevate your life from the daily grind to the soul’s shine.

Deb Blum, USA

I listen, I ask
open to possibility and I never, ever, cease to be amazed

I’m not entirely sure how to describe the impact working with Cat had on me. Through my coach training, I was introduced to the idea there was a greater connection to the Universe available to me. I was seeking a coach to help me build my business, one who would also give me access to this world beyond what was immediately visible to me. I was seeking a deeper understanding and experience of life.

What shifted for me in my work with Cat was the recognition that I had choice in creating the life I wanted. I began to see the stories I had that had been holding me back. My work with Cat created new possibility, the realization that my limits were not a destiny.

In our work, a blank space of possibility opened up before me. That was scary at first. With Cat’s expert guidance I realized it wasn’t so scary. It was just new! And beautifully exciting. I am forever grateful to Cat for helping me lay the groundwork for a life and business that feels like a joyful adventure.

Christine O'Neill, USA

What you did was a purified reconnection of my own self to myself and my higher purpose which was trying to shine but was surrounded with uncertainty and fear.

Now I know that what my soul was whispering to me is actually the voice of my soul and I wasn’t just imagining it and I have clarity about my own purpose.

Catherine B Roy, EUROPE

It is rare to find someone like Cat in this world. She has a way of seeing behind the walls you create for yourself and getting right to the heart of things.

Before working with Cat, I felt stuck, lost and as if I'd exhausted all my options. I was trying too hard and nothing seemed to be working. Not one hour later I felt re-energised, connected back to my authentic self and with ideas flowing from my heart.

I am ever grateful for the safe, authentic and open space she created for me to uncover the next step on my path. Thank you Cat!


From lost to international success and a new energizing form of being in 6 months thanks to Cat! Cat was referred to me by a trusted person who introduced her like this: "I know what you need, you have to meet Magic Cat!" I kept asking myself: Will she be able to help me to get back on track?

Back then I remember I was skeptical. Then, session after session, week after week, conversation after conversation, step by step, I launched my business again, not only in Italy but in Europe, I began to see with fresh eyes the country where I live so much to have a great success (I appeared in newspapers and on TV !). I let go of the pain. And, my goal:  it has been transformed into an international project. 

Some days I find myself pinching my cheeks! I know you're skeptical! I was too! But one thing that Cat will constantly repeat will be "Be You! Be You! Be YOU!" This is where Magic comes from!

But she not only repeats it, she helps you to be yourself, to accept yourself, to love yourself, and from there to build potential and opportunities for yourself. This I see as Magic: she keeps everything connected with YOU until you thrive being yourself and experiencing the success you deserve to live!

Ramona Tufaru, Romania


If ever you needed permission to work with the most wonderful human that is Cat Knott, here is your permission slip.

Cat is everything you wish her to be and more. If you have a ’thing’ she can help with whatever that maybe. Cat is warm, non-judgemental, funny and caring. She is so gifted and intuitive and knows exactly what you need in the moment.

I have worked with Cat and The Crew several times and each time they blow me away with the accuracy of their guidance. They really give you an energetic kick whilst holding you in the most loving space. Cat will always be my go to person as I trust her in both my professional and personal life and as a Mentor and a personal friend.

There is no downsides to working with Cat - Go For It !!

Heather Anderson-Nicol, UK

Cat's reading literally blew me away! I'd vaguely asked for some guidance about my creative path as I was feeling a bit stuck and what I received was incredible. The channelled message acknowledged where I was right now, how I'd been feeling and the background which had brought me here. 

As well as understanding the importance of my creative path for me personally, I was shown how important my creativity is to the world which gave me a deep sense of calm and understanding. 

I found the insights, guidance and practical advice so valuable and I know I will be working with this message for a while before booking again with Cat. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift.

Sarah Cornforth, UK