The Awakening Series #2 : Now is your time!

The second recording in the New Awakening series of channeled messages.

Recorded on March 18th 202. This guidance speaks to the Lightworkers, Guides, Teachers, Creators and Soul-led, and asks of us all not to back away, but to SHINE. It also talks to preparations over these last few years, that many of us Sensitives have found hard to understand.

Watch it here, on YouTube or you can read the transcript below :“This message is a continuation of the opening to awareness.

This message is a continuation of a conversation that has been had on a soul level, with so many of you.
And specifically here we speak to those who are here to be the leaders of the way. Those who call yourselves teacher, those who call yourself guide, those who call yourself lightworkers, energy workers, those who are bringing in a different dimension of existence than the majority of others are able to see from their own perspective.

So many of you have questioned why it is that life has been so difficult for these last two to three years.
So many of you have questioned why continually you seem to have been broken down, and broken down, and broken down, and broken down.

So many of you have been questioning why it is that you are finding it so difficult to be ‘you’ in this world, and what we say to you now is that, this time, this moment, this Now in human history is the reason why so many have been undertaking a preparation to be ready to be the leaders, the lightworkers the guides, those who are here to hold the space and the vibration, that is beyond the fear-based place of most of humanity, and what we say to you is it has been a necessary process to walk through with so many of you, these continual breakdowns of beliefs, breakdowns of understandings, breakdowns of structures in which you are trying to place yourselves.

And you have found so much frustration in the fact, that over these last two to three years you have not been able to build the walls, the structures, the creations that you have wanted to make.
And we say to you now that this is the time of understanding.

This is the moment where you can now feel the weight of everything that you have been through and why it is now valid, here in the Nowness, of how you can be of service to this world.

Had you been able to create what you may have wished to create previously it would not have been in the depth
and the ability of you, now. And you are so needed, and you are so special, and you are the ones who are here to light the way.

And so we say to you now to pick up your pen, pick up the artistic creations.
Share your joy, share your purpose,
share the reason that you are here on this planet right now.
This is the time where so many of you can step into a powerfulness of yourself that you have been generating, for years.

And this is why it was required – in this Nowness. For, so many of you vibrating at this powerful state of Soul being.
Knowing within your deepest soul that right now, you are here to make a difference.

You are here to be the one who is the speaker.
You are here to be the one who is the writer.
You are here to be the one who is the leader, you are here to be the one that is uniquely You and you are so needed now. Now is not the time to back away – now is the time to shine.

All of you are called now, to shine like you have never shone before.
And there is no difficulty here because you have been becoming you so vividly over these last few months and years.

You have never felt more in your own power.

And in this state of powerless now that the majority of humanity is believing themselves to be within, you have never been so needed, and so we say to you now to do your work. Do the work that is within you that is calling you to make it real. Be the one who is the creator of community, be the one who is the creator of a ripple of vibration that goes
from you into this world around you.

This is the time right here in this Nowness.
This is the reason why things have felt so difficult, but you can see now the reasons why you have been through so much, because now you are in a state of powerfulness and you are now able to be the creator of the Ripple of Vibration
that is uniquely You, and you are needed.

Do your work.
Be you. Shine You!
Shine your words, shine your message, shine your essence, shine your positivity.
Shine the joy that is You. Shine the Gratitude of this world.
Shine everything that you have learned to appreciate in yourself, and the truest power of You.

Now is the time, for you, the lightworkers the bringer, the guides, those who are here to support.

Those who are here to be the ones to lead the way, Now is the time. Do your work. Shine brightly.
Shine as bright as you can be, and this is your moment.

© Cat Knott 18/March/2020


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