Is it Soul-led Stillness or Stuckness : Sanctuary Session #3

We all recognize those moments of Arghhhh I'm STUCK... or are we? Is it really stuckness or is it Soul-led Stillness?

In this third of the Sanctuary Sessions (recorded in Oct 2023), The Crew, the energy collective I am channel for held us collective where we are holding space for ourselves AND the world, as we deep dive into the human struggle with feeling stuck, uncertain, and attached to what has already been.

In this recording, (which I edited a little just to get through to the yummy bits quicker) we talk about what that agonizing feeling of not knowing if we're meant to stop and steady in Soul-led Stillness - or push through if its human stuckness.


In this session we talk about :

  • The concept of creating reality based on past experiences .
  • The perceived split between the human self and an elevated, energetic version.

Then I hand over to The Crew as I voice channel their message of: 

  • Exploring the tension between human and soul aspects within us as individuals.
  • Challenging the release of attachments to old identities and labels.
  • Why as Spiritual Entrepreneurs we're less attached to the 'I am a...' labels than we were before
  • Remembering the power of our own light, and acknowledging its impact to bring change into the world as a network of Millions of Light Bringers.

I hope you enjoy this Sanctuary Session, and please let me know your thoughts , just click here to CONTACT ME and send me a message, I'd love to hear from you. 


This Full session recording is 1hr 21mins - The Channeling from The Crew (37mins) begins at 17mins 29s, and there is a chapter in the video above to jump you straight there if you wish.

You can see the transcription of the Channeled Message from The Crew in this video below. 

Sanctuary Session : CHANNEL FROM THE CREW : Transcription

Welcome to you all once again. And we are, as usual, very grateful. We are extremely grateful for each and every one of you who has decided to spend a little time in your own sanctuary for yourself. It is evening time here, but we wish for you to be reminded that you can create sanctuary for yourself at any time in any day. In any moment, it is not necessary to make an appointment. You are all powerful bringers of light into this world. That is why you have been drawn to this collective. This is why you are all resonating at this frequency of curiosity, and this frequency of highest love, we shall say. Highest purpose here. And at any time we require a moment of re-set, we would ask of you to simply allow yourself to stand for a moment, and close your eyes for a breath or two, and remind yourself of the light that you are in this world. With so much occurring, especially in this moment. Where new turmoil has sent ripples around the world. And more fear has been triggered. And more pain has been re-birthed in many. It is easy to lose yourself in the complexity and the solidity of what already exists. And we would advise you to come back into your own light as often as possible. As we described to you in our last conversation, this is how you assist in your most powerful way is to indeed tune in to your own powerful resonance and choose to share that with this world as often as possible. And there is simply a intention required to shine. To let your light into this world. And as you walk in your community, in your family, in your place in this world, you as the part of the millions of connected light bringers now, who each are choosing these magnification moments, we shall say. You are all shining light positively and powerfully into a network around this planet. It may seem that it is too big for you to deal with alone. And we wish to remind you once again that you are not alone. You are one in millions. Powerful beings who have all chosen to be here to change and be holding the space for the resonance shift of this planet. And you are all feeling it. Those of you who are highly empathic, We'll be feeling the turmoil deeply. And this again is a reminder. When you are feeling that turmoil internally, reconnect with your light. When that feeling of the outside becomes too much to bear, go in. Remember your own light. Amplify that light by connecting with and grounding with the space of resonance that you are, as we described in our last conversation. And allow your powerful light to shine. And that networked with the millions of others, truly is making a change in this world. And indeed, the turmoil that you are witnessing is a outpouring, a remembering, a readjustment, a purging, if you will, of all that is held within the solidity of what already is in this solid, linear, manifest, created world and existence. And you as the New. You as the bringers of the New through your own light. You are holding space for the New to arrive. For the what is not this, to arrive, That is indeed a powerful imagery to remember. You are allowing in the what is not this. Because there are so many conflicts that are intertwined into what already is. Through eons of history, Eons of oppression, Eons of power over, of shift, of dispute. All are intertwined in what already is and what already exists as the pattern and the blueprints for this world, and humanity. And you know as one of the light bringers here that it is time for a change. It is time to bring in what is not this. It is time to bring in the new resonances that do not hold such conflict. Allowing in the new that is not simply a repetition of the old. And on a smaller scale indeed you have had shared with you a story, already today. Of remembering the difference of ‘what is this?’, because you have witness it. You have been a part of it. You have experienced it. And also knowing that it is capable within each and every one of you to recognize that there is a ‘not this’. And in the ‘not this’ you are always held in a place of uncertainty. You are always held in a place where the humanness of you cannot validate, cannot create from, cannot recreate from, the space and the repetition of what already is. We often share through this channel that it is as if you are in a space where all of the roadmaps are gone. Because a road map simply shows you what already is. Now is the time for you as the leaders of light here, the bringers of light here, the bringers of the new here. Allow yourself to be held in this knowing that you are here to bring the New. And it feels like a responsibility. But what is that responsibility? If it is not a human reaction to what already is. But the soul side of you, the side of you that is of the new, the side of you that is here holding a resonance that is already shifted from the already existing, and that part of you that is already at that level of light of the new, that part of you knows. That part of you is at stillness. That part of you is of the knowing that you are simply in your being simply in the light of you, being all that you need to be, in this moment. And yet and yet, the humanness of you that is embedded and embodied in human form is still within what already is. And so the humanness of you is at turmoil in some ways. Because it does not know how to drive itself from this higher consciousness space. Of being unsure, being unknowing of what is the correct thing to do. And we are sure that you are feeling this within yourself for most of you listening are at this space. The parts of you are integrating more and more. The humanness of you, if you are listening to these words, you are and you will have been working on yourself in many ways. You have be-ing, you have been becoming, who you need to be to hold the new light and resonance of the new. The journey has been one of awakening for all you, one of transformation for all of you. You know that you have worked on your reactions to the world. You know that you have been working on how to find peace within yourself. How to find more love within turmoil. How to honor yourself. How to bring more love to you. How to bring more love into this world. And part of that process for many of you has been to embrace the gifts that you have. Embrace the parts of you that are healer or teacher or guide or empath or communicator or messenger or painter or creator or visionary. All of the gifts that you have all intertwined in your human framework You have been committed to investigating those. Many of you know you are more than the human framework that you are sitting within. Many of you trust this, more than you trust the humanness of you now. This is the transformation that so many of you have been undergoing. And in that transformation in the ownership of your gifts. What has also happened, is that you have created identity around those gifts. You have created potentially, businesses around those gifts. You have chosen to create the ‘I am a’ labeling of you. Because of those gifts. And yet, here we have another example of embeddedness in what already is. Because the higher resonance of you, the newness of you, the new vibrational essence of you, that is already in the expanded state knows that there is no requirement for labeling. There is no requirement for identity of this is what I do there for I am. And in the I am’ness, there are levels of awareness of self of what you bring to this world of the reflections back to you of how others see you, how you are witnessed, how you are seen, how you are felt. And in that ownership, you are also now feeling a shift. So many of you who are drawn to this channel now and who we work with are finding yourself at a point where the ‘I am’ labeling of your gifts is no longer feeling as if it is as rewarding as it used to be. We know that this will make sense to many of you. And many of you have held tight to the labeling of yourself and the ownership of I am in this world and you have continued to try to force through the creation that you have been taught, that is in alignment with what already is. And in the already isness in the solidity of the already created, there are resonances now that you are no longer wishing to be a part of. You have chosen, ‘that is not who I am now. That is not how I wish to be in this world now. That is not how I wish to create more of myself in this world now’. And yet the holding on to that, is creating turmoil. Is creating in many ways this feeling of stuckness because you know that you are no longer that, at a certain level. That you do not wish to perpetuate the ways of working. And by this, we specifically mean the embedded belief within this world, one of which we are here to bring a new understanding. That the more that you resonate with the brokenness of this world, and you as a healer of that and to bring a fix for that, the more that you are perpetuating the brokenness. And we will just let that sit with you for a moment. It may be the first time that you have heard that. Because in this world, you have been taught that as a healer, and we say this in the broadest terms not specifically just those who heal in the mechanics way. But as a bringer of change in this world, what you have been taught is that there is a problem, there is a brokenness. There is a fault. And you are here as one who is here to heal it, to bring a fix for it. And many of the teachings that you will have been through will have reinforced this in you. Whether this be on the marketing of your businesses, or in the learning of the techniques. You will have been shown how to respond to a witnessed brokenness, and how to bring a healing. Now let us step out of that. into the higher resonance of you now as the light bringer here. As the bringer of light here. The previous I am’ness of you, we can say has been of the energetic frequency of the physician. Of the healer. No matter what it is that you are doing, you have been bringing through fixes to brokenness. Now as the light bringer, as you step out of that, and you are held firmly and understanding deeply and knowing and witnessing within your resonance now as you hear these words, the higher essence of you that knows that you are here and enough, bringing the light of you. You see that from this version of reality that is bringing in the new, the creation of fixing, perpetuates the broken. Because even when something is healed, it always has within it, as a pattern within the weaving of the reality of this world, it always has within it, the pattern of ‘it was broken’. And now it is imperfect or fragile. Do you see how the patterns have perpetuated themselves? And in many ways, this is what you are witnessing in this world. The fixes that have been made in society over eons, the making do with the fragility that has been put back together so many times. The perpetuation of yet another fix being required. And so this is why so many of you now are feeling less attached to the previously understood ‘I am a’ labeling of you. Feeling less attached to the identity that you were as a bringer of the specialism that you have chosen as your healing. And it may be that you bring healing to this world through your voice, or through music, or through energetic healing, or through being a visionary or whatever it is that you have found your label within. And you are feeling less and less attached to that now. And yet the humanness of you is feeling the draw to recreate once again what has been. Because that is the pattern that has been woven into this world as the way to create. And so how can you now allow yourself to create from the new. Firstly, by witnessing. If you are feeling any turmoil within yourself, if you are feeling any recognition within yourself. Allow yourself to witness that now. Allow yourself to let into your consciousness, what have been the patterns of the past? And allow yourself to be compassionate to yourself. But you will not, reweave those patterns again, and now you have witnessed them clearly. As we have said previously, everything is up for renewal now. Every single piece of this prewoven, pre existing, solid, linear, manifest creation of reality, is undergoing such a transformation, that there are those humans here that are still creating from what has been, and then there are you. You the light bringers. That in your questioning, in your witnessing, in your allowing yourself to be different. In allowing yourself to recognize, this is not who I wish to be. This is not how I wish to create. This is not how I wish to perpetuate this world. You are allowing in the new. And from that space of recognition of the light of you, and the power that you bring into this world to create from a new space, to remake yourself each day. To allow your ties to be renewed each day, through the choices that you make. By allowing yourself to create from this space, this space of stillness, this place of knowing, this place of awareness. There is always within you a next step. It may feel as though it is the smallest of steps forward. And the humanness of you will take that idea, and it will try to weave it into what it can validate within what it has already experienced. And there we have turmoil again. Because the two parts of you are out of resonance. In dissonance for a few moments. But where do you wish to create from? In that moment, this is the question for you now. Many of you listening have been living and working from a space where you are a creative. And how often have you had an idea? And you have brought it down and you have validated it against what already is, and it has not been created. Imagine now if you were to allow yourself, to create, that which comes through you as an inspired idea in this moment. Inspired through you into existence, wishing to be birthed through you into existence. Imagine that. And this is the explanation of how you are feeling this turmoil of stillness and stuckness, in the same moment. And we hope that we have allowed you to find a little peace in that, for a short while. To recognize within you these two patterns of resonance and how they are giving you choices constantly of how you wish to be in your next breath, how you wish to create in your next breath. How you wish to perpetuate this world in your next breath. How you wish to bring more light of you in your next breath. And we would also like at this point to say to you that many of you have been creating from this space for many years. And you have felt frustrated because that which you have been creating may not have felt that there is an audience for it yet. But look around you now, at what is being created, and you will find that those things that you were being called to create are quickly being consumed now by the world. Because you have been called to create the answers to the questions that had not been thought of yet. And that is the joy of you as a light bringer here. The experiences that you have undertaken, in your own awakening in your own unfolding, are being shared in this world. Just by the being of you, you are transmitting this new energy frequency, of the New. And that which you create will find a place in this world in quicker time now. Because this world is moving so quickly, and those coming behind the resonance expansions that you have already been through, are requiring of the teachers and the guides. But you are not welcoming them as broken. You are welcoming them in an entirely different resonance. In their own perfection, of where they are in that moment. This shift from healing and fixing the broken into bringing the new, to allow space for those that are coming next. This indeed is a entirely new place to create from. And we hope that you can feel that within you now? You have indeed been held in a resonance of expansion this evening, in this conversation. You have all been shining brightly, toward each other, and also out into this world. Not from a space of broken, but from a space of radiating light. From a space of radiating what is new. From a space of radiating that there is different to what already is. And from this space, remembering on an individual scale, that when we are in the new, it is always uncertain. Because there are very few of you here now. This is why it is important that you find collectives such as this. Where you can remind yourself and hold yourselves in the remembering of what you are. When you are not walking as the embedded, embodied version of you within the human sphere of what already is. And we hope that we have brought a little peace to you in this session here today. What we would invite you to do now is to sit in this energy with us just for a few moments and shine your light. Feel that light emanating from inside of you. For the light within you is coming from ‘outside of’. It is coming from the New. And allow that light to emanate from you. To radiate from you. Feeling itself as a part of the intricate weaving of the network of light bringers, the network of the light that you are. Shining into that space of resonance that is above beyond further, distanced, and aNew. Allow yourself to recognize that powerful light that you are. And hold that for a few moments. And now we invite you to return to your edges as your human self. To find the edges of your human form. You feel yourself remaking into your human self. Held within this being for this brief existence of the experience of the life that you are. And becoming more solid and into yourself. And yet remembering that light that is within you, that newness that is within you, that you are bringing to this world. And the powerful work that you do by bringing that to it. And with these words, and as you come back into yourself now, for this moment. We shall step back." Channeled from The Crew 11th October 2023

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