When everything feels like it’s Falling Apart : Sanctuary Session #2

How we find peace in these unsteady energies, and why are we here as a part of this new wave of becoming for Humanity.

In this second of the Sanctuary Sessions (recorded in Sept 2023), The Crew, the energy collective I am channel for held us in a STEADYING energy as they talked about what we can do to be the Light Bringer we are in these times of change. Building on the message from the first in the series of how our SEPARATION is in fact a Gift to Humanity, instead of the weird outsideof'ness we've always felt.

In this recording, (which I edited a little just to get through to the yummy bits quicker) we talk about what is the thing we can hold onto in these unsteady times.


In this session we talk about :

  • Feeling unsteady and the need to find new grounding and resonance as individual frequencies evolve.
  • Earth undergoing upgrades, witnessing upheavals, and individuals assisting in Earth's upgrade.

Then I hand over to The Crew as I voice channel their message of: 

  • Living in a universe with frequencies beyond the structured, linear manifest world.
  • Trusting our own spirit and light to find a unique grounding point - not all of us are able to recharge from the Earth space anymore.
  • Feeling the dissonance of letting go and holding space through personal light for the Earth's transformation.
  • Inviting assistance: Focus on local communities, bring more love and support, change patterns, and contribute to the global network of light.
  • and they take us on a renewal process with a powerful declaration.

We then do a Q&A Session with The Crew.

I hope you enjoy this Sanctuary Session, and please let me know your thoughts , just click here to CONTACT ME and send me a message, I'd love to hear from you. 


This Full session recording is 1hr 27mins - The Channeling from The Crew (46mins) begins at 10mins 27s, and there is a chapter in the video above to jump you straight there if you wish.  And there is also a jump to the Q&A qith more Channeling from The Crew at 62mins 35s

You can see the transcription of the Channeled Message from The Crew in this video below. 

Sanctuary Session : CHANNEL FROM THE CREW : Transcription

Welcome to you all. Welcome to all of you who are listening to these words. In the moment that we speak them. And welcome to you who are listening to these words in another time. What we would like to express first of all is that the vibrational frequency and the understanding from these words, the holding space as it is described, is built into these messages, that it matters not when you listen to them, how many times you listen to them, where you are when you listen to them? The energy frequency is always there. And we are bringing through a stillness this evening, a steadiness. It is what is required in this moment by the collective. By this collective who is here listening to these words and through to the collective of humanity as a whole. For steadiness is what feels to many to be the thing that is hardest to attain. And there are many reasons for this. There are many reasons and many unfoldings, and we will attempt as we can to unfurl a little understanding into each of the layers for you this evening. And we say this evening because this is where we sit, and this is where and the channel that speaks is in time and space. You may be listening in a different time and space. That is indeed one of the understandings that can help you to move beyond the harsh weaving of this world. That time and space are not as fixed as you think. Indeed, it is the belief thinking of it being fixed, that is holding you and humanity in a pattern in this particular reality loop of believing that it is fixed. But there is, and you will discover as a humanity in time to come, other truths, other beliefs, other weavings that will be brought into the agreed reality of humanity about time and space itself. Indeed, this channel likes to refer to a book that she was gifted, many years ago now. One from centuries ago. That was written by a scientist of the time who believed that the smallest element that would ever be discovered was the atom. And there was a truth in that time and space that that was solidity. That there would be no smaller element to be found. But now in this time, you who are held here in this moment recognize and know that that is no longer truth. That is no longer solidity. That is no longer current thinking. And so as the thinking of humanity changes, so the truth and possibilities for humanity change. And that is what so many of you are feeling as an unsteadiness now. An undoing, if you will, an unweaving of this solidity of belief that has been held for so long now, for many things, many experiences, many cultures, many aspects of life itself for you as a human here in this time now. And what is occurring? Many of you will have been told of a awakening, told of a vibrational shift. Told of an up level. Told of an expansion. There are many words. There are many descriptions and all of them are valid. What is occurring now is that the vibrational intensity, shall we say, of all aspects of existence is being amplified. Let us give you a visualization for this that may assist you. While holding you steady in these moments. For many of you listening, you can remember a time where the TV screens that you watch now, they do not come with color. For many of you watching now, the TV screens that you watch, you will remember them being of much lower intensity, we shall say. Indeed, now if you look back on the films that you watched when you were younger of the special effects, we shall say. Witnessing how they at that time seemed incredible. Seemed astounding and held your gaze and held your attention and allowed you to escape into different worlds, through the ability to present to you something that was beyond your thinking, But if you were to look back now through the high definition television screens that you have, all of you sitting in your living rooms. If you were to watch now, one of the films from only a few years ago. You would see how the screen was much smaller. You will see how the intensity of the effects was much lower. You will see less definition in the images. And therefore, on an emotional level, you will find it now harder to be swept away as you were only a few years ago. This is an imagery which helps you to understand what is occurring in the world. The vibrational shift, the intensity shift. Many of you have heard it described in a way that uses only descriptive words, of an intensity upgrade. Of more light coming in. But what does that mean to you as a human living here now? That means that you are in many ways just as we have described in that visualization you have evolved as a being to be of higher definition. To witness the world around you in a higher definition. You are seeing more with every glance of your eyes, than you ever saw before. The information that you are receiving is magnified multiple fold. And so, therefore, the human in which you sit, the machinery in which you sit, the body in which you sit, the blood, the brain, the cells, the very Elements of you that are all held together in a vibrational frequency that makes you, you. Every single cell of you has been upgraded. Has been moved to a higher definition. And so what does that mean? Many of you who are listening here now have been working through this upgrade process, we shall say. You have been actively welcoming in your own awakening. You have been actively saying to the universe show me more. You have been actively living in this world and welcoming in more. Wishing to witness more and see more. And this is the outcome as we spoke of in our previous conversation that more of you are shining with a higher intensity in this world now. Each one of the millions of you that are here as beacons of light. You are here shining brightly because you have welcomed in more light into your being. And in many cases, it has not been a simple upgrade. You have all shared with each other, stories of discomforts. Stories of the emotional times where the being in which you are sitting was no longer capable of holding on to the old vibrational frequencies of memories of emotions trapped within the cells of your being. And when you have elevated your vibration, the letting go of that has not been easy for many of you. But now, with this change of vibration happening so frequently now, you are all learning, that the easiest and quickest way through this process, is to simply allow, witness, let go, and be. There has been much discussion and much teaching that you must look at what is being released and ask of it what it has to teach you. And we would say that this has been useful in the past. But now the incoming light is moving so quickly, that the easiest way for you to process each elevation, each expansion, each renewal, if you will, is to recognize it as that. As a renewal. And take a time to allow yourself to be renewed. Not holding on and not believing that there is anything to learn with that which is being released. Simply be grateful for the experiences that you have lived as part of this life. And that now the learning from those is done because it is being purged from your cellular self. There is no need to hold on to these experiences of the past, and the emotions of the past. For the you that you are moving into is no longer requiring of the support of the previous experiences. For as you move into a higher frequency as you move into a new resonance of you. You are letting in more of the new without the need of the validation and the belief that it must be safe based upon that which has already occurred in your life. You are willing to take more of this life as an adventure. You are willing to allow more of this life into your living of it and witness more that is outside of what you have already experienced. And this is the enlightening, shall we say. The allowing in New. The bringing in New. The moving beyond the validation of what has been, being the only way to choose whether to experience something in your future. And so as each one of you as beacons of light here, are expanding into new vibrancies. You are igniting within everyone that you meet and interact with their own expansion. And we will remind you that you do so much. You bring so much into this world simply by being here and living it. By being the light that you are. By living the life that you live. And so as you as a collective, you as the millions of the interconnected Lightbringers here. As each one of you integrates and allows in the ignition of the ‘welcoming of more’ to everyone that you meet. So the blueprints of humanity are changing as we have said. The blueprints of humanity and what means to be here in this existence are changing. And that intensity of frequency, that ability to hold more intensity in every aspect of the witnessing of this world means that you are recognizing more in the world around you, than you have ever recognized previously. Just as the high definition television shows you more detail shows you more granular elements within each every single detail of life. You are also seeing more detail and more granular intensity in every aspect of your life, the life that you are living. And so what does that mean? That means that for each of you, you are feeling life more intensely. You are feeling every moment of existence with an intensity that is magnified, multiple fold from where you were, only a few months and years ago. You are feeling the intensity of life. And as your intensity of life, your feeling of this world magnifies, you are witnessing the structures around you and seeing more detail. You are reaching into parts of life, which were held hidden before, because you are not able at the intensity that you were at previously to witness them. And without the witnessing of them, there is no ability to question them. And now as your intensity multiplies, your ability to have a perspective where you question multiplies. And it is bringing in this energy of questioning that is, meaning that so much of the life around you so much of the solid structures of what existence has been, is questioned. And you as a humanity are questioning like never before. You are questioning the pieces between the pieces of every single piece of your community. The pieces within the pieces of every single part of your governments. The pieces within the pieces within the pieces of how this world is held safe. You are witnessing the spaces within the pieces within the spaces within the pieces that were invisible and held away from you. And were therefore impossible to be questioned. And so now you see this wave of questioning going out into this world. Questioning the structures…of government, of schools, of education, of family, of gender, All of these questions are being brought forward now. New possibilities of possibility are being brought into the world because of the ability, through your own new intensity, of vibration, to be able to witness more intensity within this world. And that intensity brings questioning brings questioning of the validity of so much. Brings the questioning of the stability of so much. And is this not what you are witnessing now? As you are questioning, as this world unfolds around you, as the news evolves around you, As you witness what is occurring around this world? You are questioning, as never before, as a global networked humanity. And in this questioning, you are allowing in new possibility. You are allowing in new fractals of possibility, that were never witnessed before to be brought into the truth agreements. that have created everything around you. In the believing of the truth of this is how it is, the world has been created. Of the agreed realities of what life is, the world and your communities and your collectives have been created. But now questioning is allowing in space between every single element of that agreed reality. And you are seeing that there are other ways of being. You are choosing different agreements for yourself. Different agreements of what you wish your reality to be. Different agreements of what you wish this world to be for you as an individual and for you as a collective humanity. As each one of you chooses differently, you are indeed changing the agreement reality of what it means to be human in this time. And as the agreement reality of what it means to be human in this time changes, so new possibilities are allowed into the reality loop of the entirety of existence itself. So as we say, you are changing this world simply by being in it and witnessing your own space within it, your own reactions to it, your own feeling of it, your own choices for life yourself are rippling out and changing the entirety of the pattern for humanity to come. And this also means that on a global scale now, as you, as a witnesser of higher density, of higher intensity. You are feeling this world and all the discord within it, with greater intensity also. You are feeling the emotion of this world, in your own being, more intensely. This higher definition This greater fractal allowing. You are literally feeling this world more intensely than you ever have. And there is more to come. The light that is coming in now into this reality loop of existence itself, is intensifying and will continue to intensify because of the agreements of so many of you to let in more light. And as you let in more light, you witness the solidity and the structure that no longer suit a humanity of light. And you witness those and these are what are falling apart in many ways or are witnessed to be falling apart in many ways. And in the falling apart of them, New is allowed to bring itself forward. Because as a humanity you have simply agreed to the lesser definition and the lesser understandings of what it means to be Human. What control you had. What abilities you had to choose. How easily you have been controllable. How easily as a humanity those with power over have become the bringers of the rules, the creators of the structures, the creators of the solidity. But now from within it, millions of you through the agreement to bring in more light are taking those structures, and bringing more light and more possibility into them. And you are seeing that on a global scale, much of what is occurring no longer fits. in an interconnected understanding, love and life created existence for humanity. And so you are seeing the outcry of the dissonance from what is the truth of a light filled world. And what has been and the solidities of the structures that exist now. You are here as the team who have agreed to be here in this time, to bring forward these new definitions of existence. And so, yes, many of you on a human level are feeling unsteady. You are not feeling the ability to ground yourself into this earth as you have previously. And that is because for so many of you, the resonance of the light that you are in now, is no longer in resonance with the solidity of much of this structured solid linear manifest world. And so find a new grounding space and frequency. You are living in a universe that has frequencies that are far beyond that of this structured linear manifest world that you are living in now. And as the light of you and the intensity of you and the density of you is increasing exponentially, trust your own spirit and your own light, to find within you, your own anchor point of resonance. And that resonance exists everywhere in this entire universe. Every element of frequency exists here. And allow yourself therefore to find your own space of grounding and recharge. If you no longer feel as though you can ground into this earth here. Many of you are on a frequency and agreed pathway to be in resonance with this earth, as she herself upgrades. However, many of you are also here with a pre agreement that you will be bringing through higher frequencies. And therefore, there is a transition point where you must allow yourself to trust in your own frequency and find your own grounding space now. And simply allow yourself in these few moments as we hold you steady here to reach out and find a resonance within this universe that is your new grounding point. Your own unique resonance of renewal. And know that the light from there is infinite. The light that is within you, that is that that resonance, is infinite. And just as you have had models of bringing light from above and pulling into the grounding of this earth. If you are one who is resonating with these words now, allow yourself to find the new direction from all around you in every direction of the light that you are, both grounding into and recharging you from. Many of you are finding your frequency, that is beyond this solid linear manifest existence of Earth now. And many of the pre agreements of what is occurring in this earth space are also being brought into a new level of resonance now. All is being up leveled. The earth itself is being brought to a higher definition. Everything is being brought into a higher intensity of experience of being. And this is why you are also finding upheaval on this world in the entirety of the earth itself. You are witnessing much turmoil as the earth herself realigns to higher frequency. And you are also understanding that there is a pre agreement within yourself that you as a bringer of a higher frequency are indeed assisting the earth itself to upgrade to new patterns and new reality agreements for every single species of animal and interconnectedness of how this reality of existence itself is occurring. This is the wonder of this time. And you are also feeling much sadness because you feel the dissonance of what is being let go of on this earth now. Through this physical form of the earth itself. Just as you have released much, through that which has been held in your cellular being. So the earth is also releasing much of that turmoil which she has held within herself also. And you are holding space by the light that you allow into yourself, in your unique experience of existence, you are holding space for that possibility to occur for being an integrated, integral part of this upgrade itself, of every experience of existence. And so how can you feel as if you are assisting. Many of you feel unstable because you do not know how to assist with these issues that seem so enormous. The climate that feels as if it has been abused. The world that feels as if it has been and continues to be abused. Those elements of humanity who are suffering because of extreme experiences in this world now, through war and climate change, through the recent earthquakes, through the extreme weather patterns, Humanity is suffering. Humanity has to change and adapt as the world changes around you, as the new patterns for existence are brought into being. And the witnessing of this in the intensity that you are witnessing it means that the new solutions are being brought in more quickly now. There are new blueprints within the humans that exist here now for the healing of this planet, this we assure you. And it is only because of the work that you do to bring in your own light as part of this network, that is enlightening and bringing in a higher definition and resonance into all aspects of being, that is allowing that to be brought forward with an acceleration now. But yes, the witnessing of the turmoil is difficult. So how can you assist? We would ask for you to allow yourself to assist in your own line. In this interconnected world now, you are witnessing every single aspect of unfolding as it occurs whether it is in your life, your community, or around the world. And you are feeling it, whether it is close to you or far away. And the desire to help runs deep. And we would ask of you if you wish to assist in the best possible way, is if you are witnessing suffering that is occurring across in another terrain on this planet to bring that energy of care into your own life. How can you assist someone who is suffering in your own existence. It is not easy to feel helpless when there is suffering on another part of this planet. But you can bring a focal point of healing into your world easily. So what can be done in your own community, to support, to bring love, to bring a new way of seeing this world. How can you bring more love into your life now? How can you bring more support into your life now? How can you bring more of a ripple into your community now? How can you bring forward that idea that you have now that will change the people around you now? And as each one of you assists the community around you through the gifts that you have, through the ideas that wish to be born through you, through the bringing of your own light into this world, the network around this world assists every single part of humanity. How can you help? Help those close to you. Help ease the suffering, if you will. We do not necessarily like to continue to use this word, but we are bringing forward a discussion of unsettledness, and so we must use words that are understood. And so many of you wish to bring healing, so many of you wish to bring support. Do that where you are. Do that with what you have. Change the patterns that you are living within. Bring more of the new ideas and the less dense ideas into your own existence. How can you bring more freedom to yourself to your family, to your community. How can you bring different ideas into your space? How can the light of you be brought forward into this world more intensely. And as the network of the millions of you, brings that into your own space. You also assist every single part of humanity across every single piece of this planet. And that is how you bring a higher resonance of love and healing into this world. Bring healing where you are. Bring light where you are. Bring a renewal of you where you are. And this is where we would like to end this part of our conversation today. Is by inviting you into a process. We have often worked with this channel on the turning of the moons and the turning of the solstices of this planet, into a process of renewal. But we invite you to allow this into your world each and every day to allow yourself every morning or every moment that you wish to do so. To stand in your own light. To ground yourself into your own unique resonance, where you are refilled renewed from that resonance and say to yourself ‘I renew myself to be’ and choose the you that you wish to be in this breath. ‘I renew myself to be’. And in the declaration, each and every time of the renewal of yourself at the unique resonance and intensity and magic that you are, you are again inviting more into your world. You are declaring to this universe, to the resonance of all that is show me more. ‘I renew myself to be’. In this breath, ‘I renew myself to be’ and choose the words that come to you most easily. Trust your own knowing trust your own light and trust yourself and your uniqueness here. As part of this interconnected world. That is being reborn, thanks to you and so many of the light beacons here. Allow yourself to be renewed. Allow yourself to become untethered from what has been. ‘I renew myself to be’. And we hope that this has been a time of steadying for you. Where you have felt yourself held, where you have felt yourself stilled. Where you have felt yourself, indeed renewed. And with that for this part of our conversation, we shall step back. " Chenneled from The Crew Sept 12th 2023

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