What if?! All you need to know, was found in silence?

What if?! All you need to know, was found in silence?

What if?! All you need to hear, was heard in silence?

What if?! All your worries, fade away, in silence?

Yet, what if that silence, was the one gift you never allow?

What if, in these times of noise, frustration, anger, busy’ness – what if in this time,
silence itself, is the missing link?
From fear to silence
From anger to silence
From pain to silence
From frustration to silence

And in that silence, in that stillness
All the answers lie, simply to be listened to & heard

As feelings
As Calm
As awareness
As perspective
As life

What if?! The gift today – to yourself was to begin – in a moment of silence?

Just one,
just one moment

A silence to still & calm
A silence to see what you are not.
To understand what is,
and what is not.

A silence to still the heart
& know that in that moment
that you are all you need.

You are enough.
You are doing enough.
You are still.

A moment of What If?! Of stillness.
A moment of perspective, of stillness.
A moment of peace, of silence.

If you’re struggling to make sense of your day today, and are caught in a spiral of thoughts, and must-do’s – then take a moment – for silence.

Please remember to share this with anyone who may need to hear this thought today.


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