Do you really know What You Want?

What do you want?

What do you really want?

How often do you ever truly ask yourself that question? In all the hundreds of hours I’ve spent coaching and supporting, I can tell you that this is a question so few of us ever dare to really, honestly, ask ourselves.

It seems a simple enough question, right? On one level it’s the easiest question in the world, but allow that question to open us deeper into our true hearts desires and we can hit a door into a whole world of scary that very few of us ever want to look into.

But, what if this simple question done properly, can shift your life and create the magic you don’t yet believe in?

What if this question, easy as it seems, allowed you to open that door not to find a world of pain, but to find a world of peace?

So ask yourself once right now…

Hand on your heart, close your eyes and ask “ What do I want?”

And now be honest, did you really listen to your heart or did the voice come from your head. Did you ignore what you heard, did you switch it out or change what came to mind for something more practical or sensible. Or did you simply feel a sinking feeling in your heart that made you feel like this is a place you don’t want to go?

What do I want?… Sh*t!.. What DO I want?

Like Alice chasing the elusive White Rabbit, are you about to fall into the adventure of your hearts calling, or turn around and walk the other way? It’s Ok whichever way your choose, but ‘What do I want’, asks you to make that choice! ‘What do I want’ needs you to be honest, to look deeper and to be ready to witness your own journeying, your own adventuring down the rabbit hole.

Take some time, grab paper and pen, and if you’re ready… gift yourself a few moments to ponder, What do I want?

It’s easy to answer the external wants. We all have them. The ‘things’, the possessions, the shiny objects and practicalities of life. For example right now, I’d love a new Iphone (gifted to me preferably), and a new food processor as ours is holding on with superglue and determination until it’s finally broken past usefulness. But is that really what I ‘want’?

Keep going with the questioning, and after a while the reference point of the wanting starts to turn inward.

What do I want?
and deeper… What do I want?
and deeper… What do I want?
What do I want?

At some point the space created with being honest with ‘I want’ can make us too scared to dig deeper, because life as we know if can feel so far stretched from what ‘I want’, creating a deeper yearning for what we perceive we can never have.
But keep going, keep digging.

There is a place where ‘I want’, becomes a way of allowing ourselves to face the reality of ‘I am’.

I want more friends… because I am lonely.
I want to be useful… because I am worthless.
I want to succeed… because I am a failure.
I want to fight… because I am helpless.

Don’t judge, don’t believe the judgements, but know that in seeing them they are already starting to lose their power, simply by becoming visible.

Keep going. Keep digging. Keep asking.

What do I want? What do I want? What do I want?

Beyond the superfluous, beyond the ego fighting for you to not dig further, beyond the judgements of I am, beyond and behind all of these things, you will find what you really want.

Listen to those words, be interested in their message… write them down and celebrate in their being heard.

Be honest about what your heart yearns for and your Soul cries out to be heard… it all starts with the asking. What do I want?


If you’re ready to look at life differently, and really look beyond limitations and your self beliefs, then contact me, I’d love to help you get started. 

Huge love, Cat x

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