Avoid at all costs! A message for when you’re avoiding your own amazing…

A Channelled message from The Crew, for when you're procrastinating, avoiding, and not wanting to face, your own amazingness.

Ok, so honesty time, I’m going to come clean with you.
I am rubbish at getting things done.
No, hang on I’ll rephrase that, actually I’m really great at getting stuff done… but only if it’s OTHER people’s stuff!

Bring me a crisis and I’m there like a Warrior with a roar. Swooping down to save the day in someone else’s crisis is kinda my thing. I love it. Lurrrrve it!

But,  I also know (like Know, with a capital K, slap on the forehead Know) that my calling to help others is also my BIGGEST source of procrastination and resistance for getting ANY of my own work done, finished and out there in the world. I know I am the world’s biggest resistor to my own genius! FUCK! (What I’m human too… nooooooooo it can’t be true… arggghhhhhhh!)

Over the years I’ve learned to stop beating myself up so severely for this part of me, but in 2017, the Crew – who are the most sarcastic, real and down to earth collective of infinite wisdom downloaded this message to me which I know will make sense to a lot of you out there.

To all of you who know that you’re here to do & share something amazing, but find getting your own work done is the hardest thing you ever have to do...

here it is, enjoy! 

Channelled from The Crew

Avoid at All Costs…

Avoid at all costs, the thing that’s going to make the difference.

Avoid at all costs doing that thing that will actually make you happy.

Avoid at all costs the nudges that will guide you gently toward your own self.

Avoid at all costs the expansion of your heart and the enjoyment of your life.

Avoid at all costs that which your heart calls to make real.

Avoid at all costs those things that drive you toward your own salvation

Avoid at all costs anything that might create a crack in your day where a glimmer of ‘you’ might creep in.

Avoid at all costs those things that you want to do, just because you want to do them… be sure to do only those things that other people need, want and enjoy.

Avoid at all costs your own self, your own happiness, your own Soul.

Keep busy, keep distracting, keep passing on by and we promise that life will stay just as it is – so you can fall into it even more deeply, to enjoy the bliss of mindful busyness, to turn away from that which calls you from within.

Who needs to hear from their Soul, right?!

Who needs to find out which things might change, might grow, might become something wonderful… if only you tried?

Who needs to live a life where freedom and adventure live hand in hand with all that ‘normal’ stuff?

Who needs freedom in their heart and adventure in their Soul, what good would that bring to every day and everyone you meet?

What good would it bring for you to walk in this world as a shining example of how to live life from the centre of your own Soul?

What good would it bring for those you meet to instantly feel their own Soul stir into aliveness, just by being in the presence of yours?

What good would it bring to see a light in your own eyes each day that sparkles with possibility?

And what good would it do for another to look into those eyes and see all that they are reflected back in a glimpse of the divine that you are?

What good would that bring?!

Avoid at all costs those things that distract you from remembering who you really are.

Avoid at all costs those days where you refuse to allow that possibility to grow, when you refuse to let that shine to form, and turn away from that beauty to be made real in your heart and Soul.

Avoid at all costs another day where you do not demand a moment to be who you truly are.

Breathe yourself into your world.  Open the cracks of time that allow YOU to creep through, to shine, to Be and to become.

Breathe yourself out into the world to inspire, and show the way for others to fine their own way to breathe.

Listen to your own calling, whispers and joy that guide you to be YOU.

And allow yourself the chance to truly remember the unique, sparkling essence of life that you are here to live. AS YOU!

Avoid at all costs anything… which distracts you, from Be-ing YOU."


Read out these words as many times as you need, to remember the importance of you. 

You are here to change this world, by bringing forward that which wants to be made real, and can only be made real, through YOU. 

Yep, you are THAT IMPORTANT!

Huge love, Cat x

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