Are you ready to have your reality well and truly wobbled?

Hi I’m Cat Knott, and in Reality Poke, I’m co-hosting this fun and mind opening podcast with my channeled collective The Crew – to offer a surprising new perspective on life, work, being human (and more than human) in these unique and interesting times.

Are you ready to poke around in your reality a little bit?

I’m so excited to bring you my NEW podcast!

Each week I will question and ponder an issue that’s prevalent in the lives of Visionaries, LightBringers, Creatives and Soul-Led Entrepreneurs, and then bring in my co-host The Crew, for a connection to wisdom, energy, spirit and life to bring a new perspective forward to accelerate our expansion – by poking our reality.

‘Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t. The only thing that’s real, is reality, until it’s not.’

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Are you ready to poke around in your reality a little bit? Are you ready for something that’s going to make you go ‘….hmmmmm’ and ‘eh?!’ […]