What if?! You already know why you will fail

What if?! You already know why you will fail

What if?! You already know the patterns and limitations that prove they exist to keep you small.

What if?! you already know, looking ahead

Why your dreams won’t happen &

Why you’ll never reach your goal?

What if?! You can see those patterns, and choose to change, rather than to simply see a reason for limitation

What if?! those patterns are signposts

Toward a new way

Toward a new direction

A realignment

A way to see the traps ahead… not a reason to refuse to walk because the traps exist.

What if?! you already know the reasons why you’ll fail…

And also in knowing this

You already know exactly how to overcome

To recommit

To change course

To find your way

A reason to move from failure to success

From limitation to possibility

From I can’t to I can try

Because… What If?! beyond the reasons why you’re sure you’ll fail

are the signposts to why,

You can

You will

& you’ll know the way!

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