What If?! We’re not meant to know where our future lies.

What If?! We’re not meant to know where our future lies.

What if?! The not knowing was what life was for,
to embrace the not knowing,
to be well with the uncertainty,
to be open to the flow of magic and miracles,
to see life without a final end.

What if?! This life was here to be embraced

And What If?! we’re here simply, to be along for the ride.

How would that change your planning, your wishing, your hoping and your dreaming?

Would that hold you back,
or give you wings to simply fly on the flow of life.

What if?! There was never a way to see the end,
to understand the ‘how’ or the ‘why’.

What if?! All we had was the now, this moment, this time to BE who we are within this flow.

What if?! Instead of planning, we simply followed the joy that comes our way.

What if?! Instead of worrying, we just followed the thing, that feels right, in this moment.

What if?! We were here, just to BE.

If that were the case… then what you BE, right now?
How would that change your experience of life?
How would you choose the BE?

What if?! in not knowing the outcome,
we find the freedom to explore.
To have fun
To release the worries of what ‘might’ be, or what may be on the way?

If you were not meant to know the outcome, then what’s left?

The magic
The mystery
The wonder


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