What if?! : You could see things differently?

Seeing things differently

When you look out at the world, what do you see?

How you see the world around you is a perspective of life that is uniquely yours, so what if the way the world feels to you is also of your unique perspective – what if your ability to be in this lifetime was as unique to you as your fingerprint or DNA?

What if that vision of life, of this existence was not only seen, but felt and experienced solely by you – uniquely by you and was entirely your own creation?

What if ‘creation’ was simply a viewpoint, a way to see the world around you? What if that aspect of yourself that lives, breathes, loves and shares your moments with those around you was just one viewpoint out of many that can and could be accessed at any time?

What if your vision were shaped not only by your own experiences, but of those experiences of lives lived before and those still to come?

What if you could see beyond the structures and ceilings places upon you by family, society and life so far – and see clearly, widely and with a truly open heart and mind?

Would you see the world around you in a different way if you could put away prejudice and lessons learned through hard knocks and disappointments? Would you see your family in a different way if you could see through their vision just for a moment, and they too could see through yours?

What if generals and armies could see beyond their Colours and commands, would they lay down their arms? or decide to fight on for perhaps reasons only seen by their own perspective in that moment.

If you could see without history, learning, life and love – what would you see?

Would your life be simpler with perfect vision? Would you be able to see truth from falsehood?

What if this life, this journey were simply about learning to live blinkered from true vision by these limits? What if the blinding of love, the call of duty the pressures of material needs where an intrinsic part of this time in this place? and if so, would it be wise to constantly strive to let go and to ‘see’.

Gurus, councilors, advisors, friends, family colleagues, acquaintances are all called upon to give you an insight, an aid, a clarity – to help see beyond the clouds of doubt. The worries of ‘what if I get this wrong’ ‘what if I let them down’, ‘what if this doesn’t work’, ’what if I fail’.

What If?…

What if you could allow your perception to open beyond these negatives, from the pre-programmed human aspects of lack, of fear, of separateness for just a few moments? To see beyond their limitations – to see the limitless possibility that exists simply with the flick of a switch in the mind.

What if you turned away from ‘I might fail’ to I might succeed?

What if you changed from ‘Its never worked before’ to It can still work this time.

What if ‘I feel alone’ could change from loneliness to fullness in your own company?

Would the vision of your life change if you could turn around these thoughts? Would you sense and see more clearly the blessings you already have if you could simply stop obsessing on the few negatives?

The vision you see creates the life you live – The vision you see is a reflection of what is truly in your heart.

And so, What if you could look around and see the happiness instead of the heartache? One cannot exist without the other, pain caused by a loss of such a great happiness. So, allowing that happiness to fill your eyes and heart, above the vision of loss, will once again allow you to see the joy that was.

Would your life have been happier if you had never had that chance to love, to live, to be in connection?

What if the change to see your life as joyful, begins and ends, with your heartbeats, which pass so quickly by? How many beats would be made to a mournful beat, how many to an angry march or how many to a melody of love and rhythm of compassion?

See the world through your heart and the rest will follow. The habit of looking for happiness will soon form, and the ability to focus upon the joyful things will soon become the most precious of skills.

Many see through blinkers, failing to appreciate the small moments of happiness. The smiles, the glimpses of sunshine. The moments that will never return.

What if you could remake your life, simply through the vision of creative possibility? The possibility to overcome the habits of seeing through a gloom of times already passed and moments already missed.

What if you had the possibility to see your life, each and every minute, each passing second as a chance to grab onto an amazing and unmissable never to return chance? A chance to be, to see, to live in alignment of creation – a creation simply made of that vision. That chance. That moment that will never return.

What if we ceased to let another minute pass that was not spent in anything other than a vision of possibility. A creative second that generates a buzz within; a fizzing of excitement that fires and propels toward the next – a creative, positive flow – from which possibility flows into your life.

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