What if ?! : You never began

What if you never began?

What if you stayed as now, for the rest of your days?

What if life passed you by, as you sat and waited for the sign to show you that ‘now’ was the time?

What if your beginning never has the chance to lead to a during, a middle or an afterwards… a future unlived, a joy never felt, an adventure never taken?

What if your life was meant to be beginnings, one to the next, a never ending pathway of beginnings and new experiences?

What if that beginning was the step toward greatness, a step beyond limitations and step toward hope – what if you never take it? What if?

What if the risk of remaining small was greater than the risk of beginning?

What if the risk of happiness was too strong to hold you back?

What if the risk of joy was all that holds you back from that joy itself?

Within every beginning the risk lies, not only for failure, but for success.

So what if by refusing to begin, you risk the loss of joy, fullfillment and greatness?

What if all was needed was you beginning – what then?!

Forget the end, forget the during, forget the middle – without beginning they’ll never exist.

Get up, get started and live the beginning.


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