Are you part of the Energy Awakening Bootcamp?

Written back in 2017, this delve into why life feels like and ENERGY AWAKENING BOOTCAMP is still relevent for all of us here who are born to be the changemakers in this world. Are you ready? No matter when this finds you, if you’re reading this then YES, YES, YES you are!

Definition ~ Bootcamp : a short but very difficult training program : a program or situation that helps people become much better at doing something in a short period of time

Life certainly feels like an Energy Awakening Bootcamp for many of us right now, doesn’t it?

One moment we’re doing ok and then the next WALLOP, an energy sledgehammer leaves us stunned and wondering WTF happened there?

Just when we’re feeling our emotions return to some stability SPLAT we’re flattened again by the next wave. Then, just as we’re getting back on our feet CRASH, there goes the next energy awakening shift, as we plead to the Universe, “can’t I just get a break for a while?

I know for many people I work with and love (and myself), 2017 was to be a new start and return to calm after the emotion shaking, life shattering year before. But here we are, coming toward the end of May and the Bootcamp is still going strong with its energy realignments that keep taking us by surprise.

Is it by surprise?

Surely by now we’re getting used to this new way of living aren’t we, after all we signed up for it. “WHAT?” you shout, “signed up?

Yep, you hear me right, if you’re feeling like you’re in a Bootcamp; you’re in the Bootcamp because you asked for it.

Now hear me out before you start throwing things at the screen. I don’t mean you physically signed up one night when you’d had a few too many glasses of fizz and thought it would be a giggle to join the Marines. 

What I mean is that at some point, you volunteered. At some point you said to the Universe, ‘yep, I can shine, I can lead. I can be what others need to guide them when they need it.’ And the big U took you by your word and now – as we’re living in a time of a global shift of energy that is shaking the earth, and shaking us all along with it, all of us Bootcamp buddies are being asked to step up first, to lead the way.

Agitation, uncertainty, a stripping away of what’s not serving you (whether you’re ready for it or not), and a calling to BE everything that you are capable of being – sound familiar?

Now, is an epic time of planetary alignment and change. A quickening of every essence of every being, a shift in the fabric of our makeup and the frequency of our existence, and boyyyyy are we feeling it, right?!

For all of us sensitives life in the Bootcamp life has felt like a relentless Sledgehammer to the Solar Plexus, again and again, forcing us to realign in a way that transcends all levels of separateness – a returning of our vibrational being from the space within the elements of our physical form. So if you’ve felt like you’re being remade and find yourself currently saying things like “I feel like a brand new version of me”, well, that’s exactly what you are! Wowsers, cool eh?!

But, the biggest problem with many of us right now, isn’t the process itself, because many of us ARE finally finding and inner strength and meaning to it all – it’s that we keep believing that this will pass, that a balance will soon be restored, and we’ll be able to return to a calm life of serene unfolding and peacefulness. Well sorry folks, for many of us, that’s just not how it’s going to be… that’s not the norm from now on.

Imagine we’re living in a musical Universe that’s been in the vibrational frequency, a sound, of a D-minor up until this point. It’s been sliding up the scale, quickening in vibration as it goes to a D, and moves further up the scale to a D-sharp.

All of us lightworkers, sensitives and souls who are here to help the rest of humanity cope with the shift – we’re all being Bootcamped – we’re being vibrationally taken from B-minor to B-sharp in super quick time, and we’re being taken beyond the vibration of the world as it stands to be ready to shine as the lighthouses to guide the rest of those around us as they take their slower (but still as groundbreaking) steps – to be able to say “it’s ok – I got you – come this way”.

So the Bootcamp process has been harsh for sure. We’ve been asked time and time again to take the next step even before we have recovered from the last. But this awareness, of its purpose and meaning, lets us prepare more, be open more and ready.

Even though many of us have felt like ringing the bell to quit, we’ve kept on, because as volunteers we’ve known deep down that all of this has been more than us as individuals. We’ve had an inner faith to keep walking towards the challenge and keeping our hearts open to the next shift, because to ring that bell we’d have had to become something that we’re not. We’re the volunteers, the guides, the lights to follow.

We are the Warriors that made it into the Bootcamp. We’re facing the Energy Awakening tide even through we’re already shivering, cold, wet and exhausted. But we keep on because the world needs us all, every one of us.

We are the Warriors, here for this life, and this time, and the love that powers every moment of existence.

Are you listening Big U? Whatever’s next. Bring it on. We’re ready!

Huge love, Cat x


If you're in the depths of your own Energy Awakening Bootcamp right now, and you'd like some moral support, pop me a message and I'll remind you (you amazing, powerful world changing Soul) that YOU'VE GOT THIS! 

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