Poking at HELP! I’m Living with Muggles – Reality Poke #4

EPISODE #4 : Poking at HELP! I’m Living with Muggles


How are you doing with living alongside the ‘muggles’ in your life?

As awakening Souls, we’re constantly expanding and seeing the world differently every day. So what happens when we have to still live, and navigate our new lives, in a world that's full of solid thinking, old paradigm 3D humans - especially if they’re those we love?

n this episode we shine a light on what so many of us are feeling, (and yes, you totally have permission to be feeling it). How are we feeling it, witnessing it, and struggling with it in the world?

We then pass the question over to my co-host, as i channel my Spirit Collective *The Crew* who explore further from different perspectives, and then explain how we can use what we are feeling and witnessing to make new choices for ourselves, and how we want to create our next steps.

All gratitude, honors, and HUGE thanks to the wonderful JK Rowling for the Harry Potter Books which have created this fabulous new language to help us all navigate living with the ‘seemingly’ nonmagical in our world :D

You can find the full transcript of the podcast below. 

If you want to skip through here's the breakdown. (The timejumps here will lead you back to YouTube)

00:00 - Hands up, all of you who’re struggling with this right now? lol 05:44 - Channeling from *The Crew*. You, the normal muggles, the world, and how to find guidance and direction in what we’re feeling as we see the world in 5D and they see it in 3D. 15:22 - Creating from a different space - are you making the NEW choices, and living from the Awakened energy of you?

I hope you enjoy this first podcast, and I'd love to hear your thoughts / questions / insights. Let's chat!

‘Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t; and remember that the only thing that's real, is reality, until it's not.' Huge love, Cat x

TRANSCRIPTION: #4 HELP! I’m Living with Muggles

Hey there, and welcome to Reality Poke with me Cat Knott. And so today in this episode, we're going to be talking about... ‘Help, I'm living with Muggles’. 

Now obviously I am a Harry Potter fan as many of you will be. But if you are not, if you have found your way to this podcast, and you have never heard the phrase muggle before. Firstly, where have you been living? please go and buy Harry Potter book immediately. Secondly, muggle is the term for a non-magical being. So in all of the Harry Potter books anybody who isn't a magical being is a muggle. 

And if you are living in this world right now and you are going through this Awakening, and you are listening to this podcast, (to be honest you wouldn't be listening to this podcast unless you are). So if you are one of these people, right now - as am I...

 we are looking around the world at our friends, at the people on TV, at maybe the people were married to, perhaps our family… we are looking around ourselves, and we are going, ‘Oh. My. God!’ Because we are seeing all of the muggles in this world, and we're finding it really hard to not judge the muggles, no matter how spiritual we believe ourselves to be. 

Let's be honest, now. We are finding it really, really difficult to be in space with those who are seeing the world only through the eyes of solidity and only through the eyes of someone who is living in the old paradigm, in the old frequency of rigid structured linear, ‘the way that the world has always been and this is the way that it must continue’. 

And so I use the word Muggles to try and describe this differential that we are feeling in the world. And how are we doing with that? And some days, I'll be honest, I do it better than other days. Some days. I can look at the world with full compassion. And other days I look at the world and I'm going really, really, you can't see beyond that, really?! So much for being a Zen spiritual teacher, huh? 

But that's the thing, we are, as we've said before, Beings on multiple levels all of the time. And so there are elements inside of ourselves that are entirely muggle-based right now. The elements in you that you are seeing in them, that's really frustrating them - are the elements that are in you that you've not let drop yet. That you're still letting create your reality, And that's why we're feeling it, so keenly now. 

We're seeing that rigidity, and we're seeing that and feeling that in ourselves and going ‘I recognized this in me, why can't I let this go in me?’ 

So, as you're walking around the world. It's worth paying attention and being really super curious. When you're triggered by muggle activity, when you're triggered by (I’m not keen on the phrase) through third dimensional existence. But when you're triggered by that be really super curious and go. ‘Oooh that's really interesting! Look at that. Look how triggered I am about that. Look how that's bringing that out in me. Oooh interesting’. 

So, I'm going to hand over to The Crew now, to see what the collective have to say about living in these times, where different energy frequencies are smashed together in such a way that it's making life, really, really interesting. So, over to The Crew

Channelled from The Crew

Choosing to have lived in this world in this time was not an easy choice in reflection. 

From this space of you being a witnesser of your human self, it is easy, and is often said, why would I have chosen this? Why would I have chosen to be here in these times? But of course, you are knowing deep in yourself that you have chosen to be in this time - to bring healing to this world in this time. And so many of you who are the Light Bringers, and the World Changers and The Visionaries and the Bringers of the Newness, are struggling in your human self to witness the differentials in human experience, in this moment of humanity.

And yes, it has been explained that in many cases the density within another, that is the cause of your discomfort, is a reflection of your witnessing that that level of solidity still does exist within you to a certain extent. And yet and yet, and yet. 

It exists within you not as something that needs to be healed, not as something that needs to be wiped away. For how can you in this lifetime wipe away the entire experience of humanity from your DNA, from your specificity as a human being in this moment? How can you change that and lose that element? For if you lost that element, how could you ever possibly relate? And heal and bring understanding and bring compassion, and bring awareness to this world. 

And so, do not believe that the humanness and the solidity that is within you still, that triggers you, is something that is no longer required. For you as a teacher, you as the bringer of your resonance. You are as a Healer of this world. Need that. To be one who can understand. Who can witness with compassion. Who can witness with curiosity. Who can witness with awareness. 

And with that compassion, awareness and understanding. You then are able to allow yourself to not be drawn into dispute, which comes from that space. Which comes from that resonance, which comes from that perception of reality. Knowing this within yourself and feeling the tightness of it, when you see it within others and you feel it within yourself, gives you the opportunity to choose to not create from that space. To not create the newness of you in this breath. The newness of your experience of humanity in your next breath from that space. 

And so this is the Awakening period now, this is the walk that humanity is taking individually as uniquenesses of you, and collectively as the collaboration of you. This is the walk that humanity is taking. From the solidity of thinking, understanding structure of the rigidity of life until this point; into a open loose non-structured nonlinear non creating space. 

And what do we mean by non creating space for have we not already said that you are a creative Force. Indeed. You are a creative Force. But the choice is between being a creative force from what has been before. Into being a Creator from the space that has not yet been. 

We are no longer in a period where creating from the same reality, will bring you results quick enough to shift and change into the humanity that is being awakened in this time. Quantum Leap of thinking, of being, of shining, of resonance, are required. 

Being in a different frequency even within the structures of this life is what is required. 

And so do not believe that those who are not living from a space of awareness yet, are not feeling awareness. They are - for they have also been changed. They are also undergoing the same transformational process. It is just that they have not made the agreement with themselves yet - that they are ready to create from a different space.

And what that means is that they are coming into their day, into their next breath, from a space of, in many cases, fighting for what has already been and already is. You as a light bringer, as a Visionary, as a teacher, as a Healer, as a creator, are coming now from the space of ‘not from here, not from this’.

You are coming from a creative space of what is new - what is yet uninvented. How can I be in a space of newness? How can I be in a space of, not from here, not from solidity, not from structure? 

And if you recognize within yourself that same energy of fighting for, structure and solidity. That is the moment to pay attention. That is the moment to allow yourself to see. I am fighting for what is not in alignment with my soul and with my Source. 

What is in alignment with your soul and your Source, now is to discover a new way of being in collective collaboration community, connectedness at every level. And that means making decisions from different places. Making visions of what can be, from a place of ‘it may not exist yet, but this is what I wish to see in my world in these coming days, weeks, and even in this next breath’.

So, how do we feel about that, guys? How do we feel about knowing that there's a choice within each and every one of us in every second, as to how we are willing to create ourselves in this world. 

Willing to create our reality in this world and knowing that the muggles, are in actual fact, having these same feelings as us. And they're probably looking at us and going. Oh my God, I'm living in a world of weirdos. Because, let's be honest. There's quite a lot of us around now. 

That they are also feeling deep turmoil, within themselves because they can't understand the way that we see the world, any more than we can no longer choose to see the world through their eyes. 

But it does give us an opening to know that every single person that we are seeing in this world, we can now see with a greater awareness, with a greater compassion, with a greater understanding. That they're feeling it too. They just haven't, yet given themselves the choice to be weird out loud like the rest of us. 

So how do we assist with that? Hey, as we've said before, in one of the previous episodes. We have to be weird out loud. We have to teach out loud. We have to be out loud in the world. That's how we do it. That's how we choose to be not creating from that space anymore. That's our choice in each and every moment is to witness and go "oh that's really interesting. But I don't choose that. I don't choose to fight. I don't choose the conflict. I don't choose to be in the density of that". And to stay in the space of bringing from light, bringing from new, bringing from the resonance of what we can bring in that is completely new. 

And that comes from us choosing. Hey, I'm not choosing to live from that experience of reality anymore. And that's a really interesting place to be. 

If you'd like to find out more about the work that I do with private clients, to hear more from The Crew, please go over to my website on www.uninvented.life. You'll also find a contact form on there, where I'm inviting you to send in questions for this podcast. 

Send in questions for The Crew. Give me your feedback. I'd love to know what's going on in your mind as you're hearing all of these recordings. I'd love to see you there and I'd love to see you back for the next episode of Reality Poke. 

So, bye for now huge,huge, huge, huge love.

Poking at HELP! I’m Living with Muggles with Cat Knott & The Crew : Published 12 November 2021

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